Asteroid collision
Asteroid formation through planetary collisionDon Davis via University of Florida

Two giant asteroids, measuring as big as a skyscraper will zip past the earth on September 14, 2019. Even though this close flyby has already created sensationalism in tabloids, experts believe that the chances of the earth being by these asteroids are comparatively low. It should be noted that these asteroids 2010 CO1 and 2000 QW7 will miss planet earth by three million kilometers, and it indicates that there is no imminent danger.

Experts believe that there are no asteroids in the near vicinity of the earth that could pose danger to the planet in the recent future. However, as space is so huge and vast, there are possibilities that giant rogue bodies could appear from nowhere, just like interstellar visitor reached the solar system.

Danica Remy, president of the California based B612 non-profit foundation believes that earth will be hit by a giant asteroid one day or the other, and it will result in severe catastrophic effects. Remy made these remarks while talking with NBC News. As per Remy, it is only a matter of time before earth gets hit by a mega asteroid, and he made it clear that such an impact will be several times more powerful than a nuclear explosion.

Remy also made it clear that asteroid impacts in the future could result in regional level chaos, and the chances of complete devastation in a planetary level are pretty low.

Dr Iain McDonald, a top scientist at the Cardiff University's school of earth and ocean sciences also shares similar views. As per McDonald, the earth will be hit by a doomsday asteroid in the future, and he believes that doomsday scenarios like asteroid hits are not confined to the past, but will happen in the future too.

In order to protect the earth from these kinds of threats from space, NASA is now busy developing a planetary defense weapon. The United States space agency is planning to hit approaching rogue space bodies using a large spacecraft so that their original collision trajectory will be changed.