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Saturday night got hotter as Kristen Stewart stripped down for a hilarious parody of a Super Bowl commercial on Saturday Night Live!. The actress first took a dig at Trump in a monologue, dropped the F-bomb, joked about her sexuality and participated in a hilarious yet sensual parody ad for frozen pizza rolls.

In the ad, Stewart is seen visiting a family with her brother and has an instant sexual connection with the female host played by Vanessa Bayer. One thing leads to another and the two are seen caressing each other's bodies and slow dancing in the kitchen while the men are busy with the game.

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Bayer is even seen drawing a nude picture of a seductive Steward with the snack in her hand. The two women then spray water on each other followed by them stripping each other on the kitchen table, rubbing each other with snacks and kissing passionately. Amidst this all, the men are unaware of the heat in the kitchen and are demanding their snacks.

The Twilight actress played a number of skits on the show last night, called out Trump for his obsession over her and Robert Pattinson back in 2012 and admitted she was "sooo gay" as part of her monologue.

Over the last two weeks, Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary, has been on the receiving end of a lot of flak due to his statements and behaviour in press meets. Taking a dig at the series of press events hosted by Spicer, Saturday Night Live! did what they do the best – recreated a press meet with Melissa McCarthy cosplaying Spicer.

Melissa McCarthy
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After watching the video, one could admit that no one could have cosplayed Spicer better than her. The comedian took the platform of SNL and added a "punch" of politics into her act. In the act, McCarthy walks in to address the press and begins by apologising to herself on behalf of the press present there. McCarthy ripped apart every journalist who threw questions at her regarding state laws and new announcements.

McCarthy's version of Spicer is seen cancelling National Parks Service, ignoring questions regarding Bannon's role on the NSC, using props to get her point straight, and locking a CNN reporter in a cage. Over the past weeks, the fact that the audience are keen to watch President Donald Trump and his cabinet getting thrashed dawned on SNL creators. This has led to a number of hilarious skits and impersonations. The skit also saw Twilight actress participate as a journalist.