Miss America
Joe Quinones/Twitter

Marvel is always quick to tap the socio-political changes around the world. Last year, Marvel comics released an edition with a Syrian mother, Madaya Mom, as a superhero. And now, after Donald Trump became the President, Marvel kicked it up a notch by bringing out a Miss America incarnation – America Chavez – a Latin American LGBTQ teenager.

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Three covers of the Marvel superhero have been released so far. The first look of the superhero surfaced in November last year. Young Avengers novelist Gabby Rivera, Joe Quinones and Maguerite Sauvage released the cover. 

However, the second look, launched recently, has caught everyone's imagination, thanks to its Beyonce-inspired cover.

In the new cover, America's attire have the stars and stripes of American flag. She also wears an Uncle Sam hat. Her accoutrements bear striking resemblances to Beyonce's couture in the song – Formation– from her album Lemonade. Fans of the singer, designer Quinones and author Rivera wanted to pay homage to Beyonce through the comic, Entertainment Weekly reports. In the cover, America is accompanied by Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau.

The third cover shows America in a hip-hop version of the iconic Hamilton poster. Designed by Jeffrey Veregge, it's seen as a political gesture at a time when USA is in the eye of the strom over the immigration ban and the controversial proposal to erect a wall between Mexico and America. The Broadway musical tells the story of one of America's Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, who ironically is not born American.

According to EW, the comic series will see America team up Marvel and Monica. Young Avengers author Rivera is writing the series. The comic will tell the story of the superhero "defending Earth from alien hordes while travelling through different dimensions to attend class and make time for a personal life."

The comic is set to release in March 2017.