Saturday Night Live
Tom Hanks, Melissa McCarthy, Peyton Manning, and Miley Cyrus were part of the Saturday Night Live's 40th Anniversary.NBC/Saturday Night Live

The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) has celebrated the 40th anniversary of its late night show, Saturday Night Live, on Sunday, 15 February.

The three-and-a-half-hour special show, which kicked-off from 7pm onwards, not only became one of the top rated television programmes, but also a nostalgic star-studded event for its audience.

The presence of celebrates from last four decades, including Bill Murray, Larry David, Eddie Murphy, Jerry Seinfeld, Will Ferrell, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Kerry Washington, added to the charm of "Saturday Night Live".

Apart from entertaining the viewers with its stunning red carpet looks and never-ending jokes, it also took them back to their childhood memories.

While for some celebrities Sunday's special "Saturday Night Live" was an emotional show, for others it was once in a life-time experience.

According to author Andy Cohen, "The B-52s & @jimmyfallon killed me tonight at #SNL40. So did Prince Blondie TSwift McCartney Miley..."

Meanwhile, American professional baseball pitcher Brandon McCarthy wanted to enjoy the show more, as he wrote, "#SNL40 could've been a six hour show and I would've happily watched every second of it.

"I've watched SNL since I was in diapers. I changed my son's diaper watching #SNL40. Hope he returns the favor when we watch #SNL80 together," tweeted former "The Good Wife" star Josh Charles.

Where as actor Ben Schwartz thanked everyone behind the event for a great show. "Just finished watching #SNL40 at 2am which feels right. It made me so happy and emotional. Thank you @nbcsnl. From every age of me." he wrote.

As per Jamie's former lead vocalist, Aaron Pauley, "#SNL40 was amazing! I've been a fan of the show since I was a kid."

"Oh man I have a temperature of 100 but I'm under the covers watching #SNL40 feeling like a kid. Thank you @nbcsnlfor so many laughs," tweeted singer Josh Groban.

However, sports columnist JA Adande was not happy about Sunday's special "Saturday Night Live" and he wrote, "Why was #SNL40 on a Sunday?"