Actor Arvind Swami has now joined the league of Kamal Haasan and R Madhavan, expressing concerns over VK Sasikala and O Panneerselvam's (OPS) fight for the Chief Minister post of Tamil Nadu.

Arvind Swami has been posting the updates on the current political crisis in Tamil Nadu while voicing his opinions on every development ever since the war broke out between Sasikala and Panneerselvam. The actor asked his Twitter followers to relay their opinions to the MLAs of their constituency. He also shared the contact numbers of area-wise MLAs.

The actor tweeted on 8 February: "Please contact your MLA, local party reps& tell them to represent your wishes on the choice of the CM, democratically. Whoever u might support." Later, he added: "Your choice is ur own. No one should judge u for that. But tell ur reps so that they know who the ppl in their constituency want."

V Maitreyan, AIADMK Rajya Sabha MP, told media that O Pannerselvam is the real heir of Amma (Jayalalithaa). To which Arvind Swami responded: "This is not a kingdom, there are no heirs. We only want someone to SERVE the people. We don't want rulers."

Sasikala held an urgent meeting on Wednesday morning and later sequestered all AIDMK MLAs in a resort. It was speculated that she forced MLAs to back her. Arvind Swami tweeted: "If the MLAs who are 'free' now claim that they were coerced and detained against their wishes, they must go to court and present their side."

Arvind Swami retweeted the post of K Pandiarajan, who tweeted: "How ethical is this harassment of every Admk MLA thro trolling & spurious telecalls for the past 48 hours ? We have a right to our freedom!" The actor also wrote: "Sir, under these special circumstances people need to express their opinion, whatever that might be with the hope that u will act accordingly."

Today, Arvind Swami tweeted: "Allegations of MLAs being influenced,isolated,how can even the floor test be indicative?President's rule & re-election seems the best option." Later in the evening, he added: "We need govt of merit, performance and transparency, understanding and functioning by not just the words but the spirit of the constitution."