Shiny Doshi
Shiny DoshiShiny Doshi/Instagram

Television actress Shiny Doshi, who plays the lead role on Zee TV's "Sarojini," recently got involved in a heated argument with the assistant director of the show.

According to an India Forums report, the actress was shooting for a particular scene when the assistant director passed some comments. Miffed with his remark, Shiny spoke up, which reportedly escalated to a heated argument.

Although Shiny agreed that there was a misunderstanding between her and the assistant director, she added that the issue was later solved by the director. "Nothing major as such happened. Such things are common on sets. The assistant director and I had some misunderstanding regarding a particular issue but our director came in and soon the whole thing was solved," Shiny told India Forums.

In other news, "Yeh Vaada Raha" actresses Rinku Karmarkar aka Tai and Sonal Vengurlekar aka Survi also got into an argument on the sets recently. According to reports, Sonal, who is a newcomer, kept forgetting the dialogues during a shot. Irritated with the repeated shots, Rinku lashed out at Sonal. The young lady, who was shocked and hurt by Rinku's outburst, reminded her that she should co-operate with her juniors.

"Diya Aur Baati Hum" actors Anas Rashid, aka Suraj, and Kunal Khosla, aka Aaryan, also got involved in a fight recently.

Apparently, Anas was upset with the new cast of the show and was expressing his views when Kunal intervened and the two had a heated argument. The fight resulted in Kunal leaving the sets without shooting his scene. Later, Neelu Vaghela aka Bhabho had to interfere and sort out the issue between the actors.