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Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) unfollowed Kamaal R Khan (KRK) on Twitter after the latter posted a poor review for Sarkar 3. Irked film critic says the director should retire as his movies do not cater to the taste of present generation.

Kamaal R Khan and Ram Gopal Varma are known for taking digs at each other and still maintaining a good relationship. They have admitted that they are jokers and they entertained their Twitter followers with their mean jokes and fights. But they may not continue to do the same as they are not friends anymore.

KRK watched Sarkar 3 on Thursday and tweeted: "It's interval n #sarkar3 is a brilliant film for audience of year 2005. RGV again proved dat he is technically brilliant n poor with script. #Sarkar3 is very old type film, which has more comedy than action. It's a boring film without music n emotion. It can't work in today's time. Jacky Shroff has done superb comedy in #Sarkaar3! Whenever he comes on screen n act, ppl start to laugh loudly. He doesn't look DON at all."

But KRK's ridiculous review of the movie Sarkar 3 did not go down well with RGV, who unfollowed the critic on Twitter. Then, KRK‏ tweeted that other film critics have also given the same kind of reviews. He wrote: "Even @anupamachopra n @RajeevMasand called #Sarkaar3 a very good comedy film, then I can't understand why @RGVzoomin did unfollow me only?"

Kamaal R Khan
Kamaal R Khan.Kamaal R Khan Twitter Account

"If @RGVzoomin was my friend then it doesn't mean that I have to lie for him n give fake review of #Sarkaar3 to fool people who trust me. Even @taran_adarsh called #Sarkaar3 a full time Chutiyapa then why is @RGVzoomin angry with me only, for giving honest review like always?" KRK tweeted.

Amitabh Bachchan in Sarkar 3
Amitabh Bachchan in Sarkar 3

Ram Gopal Varma has made several controversial, realistic and gangster movies. But the filmmaker has failed to repeat his magic with his recent release, as they have failed to strike a chord with the audience. KRK said RGV's style of filmmaking does not impress the present generation. Hence, the director should stop making movies.

"My question is only this to @RGVzoomin that why do you want to direct film when you can't make film for today's generation. Retire n chill. I totally agree that once upon a time you @RGVzoomin were the great, but accept the reality of time my friend, that today you are a waste," KRK tweeted.