Sarita Joshi

Veteran actress Sarita Joshi is a Gujarati and Marathi theatre artist. She has also garnered accolades in Marathi cinema. From being a prolific stage, television and film actress. Sarita is widely remembered for her role as Godavari Labhshankar "Baa" Thakkar in the Star Plus hit dramedy Baa Bahoo Aur Baby.

She has been part of various Bollywood films like Singham, Singham Returns and many more. Currently, she is seen in Saku Bai that is airing on Zee Theatre and Dish TV.

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, India, Sarita Joshi spoke at length about her role in Saku Bai, how has her journey been and why she is scared to work now.

Excerpts from the Interview:

You are part of all the mediums? Which medium do you enjoy the most and why?

I am happy and privileged to be part of all the mediums. However, the beauty big screen is quite subtle. The experience of working and seeing yourself in 70mm is priceless. I have done a lot of acting in theatre, that was my rozi roti. We always get sudden feedback while performing plays in the theatre.

sarita joshi

About the show Saku Bai

I have been doing this play from the last 20 years. Although it stopped a year in a half ago, We shot it for again. Saku Bai is a story of a traditional housemaid that we see majoirly see in South Mumbai household. These househelpers are monikerd as Saku Bai. These women put on a brave face despite every trouble that comes her way. She finds her solace in managing her mistress' household efficiently. They are orthodox women and work hard with utmost honesty. I worked very hard to get the body language and diction right for the role.

Are you happy with your journey?

Since I was young, I have been part of films and have worked with good actors. I have done a lot of stage performances. In a nutshell, my journey has been on an artistic level. There were many actors who indulged in other jobs and business apart from acting but I didn't want to do anything apart from acting. I was convinced that I want to earn my bread and butter from acting only. 

Have you started shooting now?

It's COVID time and dar bhi lagta hai, ads offer huwa hain but I have said no due to the age factor (Age dekna hota hai) and risk of novel coronavirus.  

How do you unwind?

I walk in the evening, listen to classical music, practice dance steps and then I watch nuisance news for sometime and then change to channel to something else.