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Director Bobby aka KS Ravindra's movie "Sardar Gabbar Singh" (Sardaar/SGS), starring Power Star Pawan Kalyan and actress Kajal Aggarwal, has received positive reviews from audience around the world.

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"Sardar Gabbar Singh" is an action-masala film, which has been written by Pawan Kalyan. The film is a sequel to Power Star's 2012 blockbuster movie "Gabbar Singh." The story of the flick begins where the prequel ended and Gabbar Singh, who is a police inspector, has been transferred to the Rattanpur Police Station in the second instalment.

Rattanpur is a former princely state and coal mafia Bhairon Singh wreaks havoc on the lives of the villagers. The feudal landlord is trying to usurp the lands of the villagers by force. Princess Arshi wants to rescue the villagers, but she herself lands in a helpless situation. At this juncture, Sardaar Gabbar Singh is transferred as the inspector of the Rattanpur Police Station. He falls in love with Arshi and locks horns with Bhairon Singh to put an end to his atrocities.

According to the feedback from audience, "Sardar Gabbar Singh" has a routine story, but it is the screenplay that makes the film an interesting watch. Nothing much happens in terms of story in the first half of the film, which introduces the brutality of Bhairon Singh. The fight scene before the interval sets the moment for the story. The second half is very interesting and the action sequence at the climax is superb.

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Like in the prequel, Pawan Kalyan is at his best in terms of performance, which is the highlight of "Sardar Gabbar Singh." Kajal Aggarwal has done justice to her role and she fills the glamour slot. Her chemistry with the Power Star is a treat to film goers. Sharad Kelkar's performance and Brahmanandam, Ali and Brahmaji's comedy are also among the big assets of the film, say the audience.

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"Sardar Gabbar Singh" has been made with a whopping budget of Rs. 70 crore and it has superb production values. Devi Sri Prasad's music and Arthur A Wilson's beautiful picturisation, Ram-Lakshman-choreographed action scenes, stylish weapons and costumes and the selection of beautiful locales are the attractions on the technical front, feel the audience.

We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of "Sardaar Gabbar Singh" movie review by audience.

Sriram Varma ‏@sriramForU

1st Half done.. Mass stuff Fan stuff Powerstar Pawan Kalyan powerful one man show..... Super Hit so far #SardaarGabbarSingh Dances, mannerisms and dialogues, pre-interval to interval scenes Purely fan stuff Amma #SardaarGabbarSingh 2nd Half Oka 15 min bore, except that it's a Fun ride, Sangeeth Episode ultimate, Kalyan fans ki poonakam confirm #SardaarGabbarSingh It's Powerstar all the way, if u like PawanKalyan u'll watch couple of times for sure, other film goers ki watchable #SardaarGabbarSingh Pros :- First Half, Climax, Dialogues and PSPK one man show Cons:- No story,Bramhi, 2nd half lo 15min #SardaarGabbarSingh


Action +Emotion + Up beat songs + Dance = #SardaarGabbarSingh Power Packed Masaala Film Power Star @PawanKalyan @ErosNow #RjAlok

Kunal M Shah ‏@iamkunalmshah

Just saw #SardaarGabbarSingh full on masala entertainment @PawanKalyan rocks & how... Huge hit... @ErosNow @SharadK7 #KajalAgarwal

Chaitu Justin ‏@chaitujustin

Punch daialougs are prefect pawan anna noti nunchi vachay prathi okati super ga paylayee Sardar Gabbar Singh Positives: PK, Interval, One episode where pk gives protection to rao ramesh in second half, climax super emonition ♥ Sardar Gabbar Singh

Rating Raja ‏@RatingRaja

#SardaarGabbarSingh Just Done a Premier..Mass Masala Entertainer.. PawanKalyan Punches Peaks. 4/5 Rating..Congrats @ErosNow @PawanKalyan #SardaarGabbarSingh Perfect Summer Solid Film. PaisaVasool Entertainer Congrats @ErosNow @ErosNowSouth

Ajay Brahmatmaj ‏@brahmatmajay

Saw @PawanKalyan #SardarGabbarSingh i enjoyed it.its a film of masses.full of dance,songs and has his stamp.

Pawan Kalyan ‏@SaiAadham

#PawanKalyan Aaaatt!! In Tauba Tauba song! @iamlakshmirai superb!! Added extra glamour to the song! Energy Treat! #SardaarGabbarSingh #Kalyan_Kajal ❤ pair Awesome! Superb Chemistry! #Kajal superb performance.. Looking More Gorgeous! Traditional Looks #SardaarGabbarSingh 1st half Super! #PawanKalyan one man army! Never seen such style, Attitude in #PSPK Complete Treat! 2nd half ending #SardaarGabbarSingh Konni Scenes lo #PawanKalyan acting another level! No1 can beat him in that scenes!! Interval Bang Arupuuu!! #SardaarGabbarSingh Climax lo #PSPK Martial Arts! Vaamoo! Felt Goosebumps! Fans Hungama speechless! Aaattestt!! Gun Shot Entertainment! #SardaarGabbarSingh

Teejay S ‏@Teejay_Offl

#SardaarGabbarSingh 3.5/5 Screen Presence of PK is just Electrifying! Fans are cheering! Pre-Interval Fight Sets Momentum for the story! #SardaarGabbarSingh 3.5/5 #Kajal Fills up her role with glam! @iamlakshmirai is a treat in the Item song! #SardaarGabbarSingh 3.5/5 Sharad Kelkar's performance and #Brahmanandam, Ali and Brahmaji's comedy are also among the big assets of the film #SardaarGabbarSingh 3.5/5 @PawanKalyan has designed his own costume here. Notice how he wears 2 belts here! On Overall i can say that #SardaarGabbarSingh is made totally for #PK Fans! Go watch it in you're nearest Cinemas NoW!

#Sardaar ‏@rocking_n

1st half done. Average stuff. Pure PK fans stuff #SardaarGabbarsingh Loved it though
Shiva99k9 ‏@shiva99k9 #SardaarGabbarSingh As usual PK shows his direction skills again and spoils the movie completely.. Big Disaster.. Completely avoidable..

Rakesh Kumar ‏@rakeshk2067

#SardarGabbarSingh 1st half-excellent.Theme song is mind blowing.2nd Half- could have been even better. Over all mass entertainment for FANS

Gopal Karneedi ‏@gopalpowerstar

1st Half Comedy , Interval Bang , 2nd Half Action , Sangeeth Episode,Veena Step and Climax_/_ Arachakaam Avi Mathram #SardaarGabbarSingh

Sainath Gowd ‏@PowerStar_Freak

Just now watched #SardaarGabbarSingh Fully enjoyed... @iamlakshmirai Great response for ur song #Taubatauba u just rocked it

Sardaar gabbarsingh ‏@bwithnagesh

#SardaarGabbarSingh intro,interval bang & Sangeeth Worked out well,Pawan & Kajal on screen chemistry #Powerstar One Man Show

Gautham Reddy ‏@Sama_Gautham

Done 1st half Pawan Unique Mannerisms Kajal Pawan-Kajal Love Track Tauba & Oh Pilla super Interval Bang Goosebumps l My Rating: 3.5/5 Second half oka 30 mins sodhi thappa migata antha bane undi.bairav & Brhmi Bt Chepa kallu song lo kaju Sangeeth Scene Overall rating 3/5

Ramesh ‏@rameshlaus

#SardaarGabbarSingh 1st Half: #KajalAggarwal with her svelte figure looks gorgeous.. Huge supporting cast.. Everyone is chipping in.. #SardaarGabbarSingh 1st Half: @iamlakshmirai Tauba.. Tauba.. song with #PSPK is pure delight to fans.. So far, Paisa Vasool for #PSPK fans..

14 ‏@shasha1495

Loving the princess #KajalAggarwal beauty ❤️ #SardaarGabbarSingh #SardaarGabbarSingh 1st half pretty avg just bcos of pawan mannerisms,tauba song,dance parodyinterval Bang is not as gud as promoted!OK

TMSR || #Sardaar ‏@tmsr_trp

#Review : #SardaarGabbarSingh Entertaining first Half and Par Average Second Half makes movie 1Time Watch but Treat for Power* Fans 2.75/5

Kaushik LM ‏@Lmkmoviemaniac

#SardaarGabbarSingh - Heavily depends on #PSPK to make the viewers sit. Age old story and stale masala templated treatment. Nothing special! #SardaarGabbarSingh - 163 mins. Maybe the film with the max bullets shot!! Some mass, comedy, action moments from #PSPK. That's about it..

Sangeetha Devi ‏@Sangeetha_Devi

#SardaarGabbarSingh Such a letdown. Pawan Kalyan's trademark histrionics, Kajal & a few episodes are the saving grace. #SardaarGabbarSingh Could have been so much better with a better script & some editing.

Satish Kumar ‏@satishattw

#SardaarGabbarSingh Superb movie. Gun, guts, love and loads of entertainment. PSPK at peaks.

SARÐÂÂR••^ ‏@AyanzPspk

Watched #SardaarGabbarSingh Perfect mass masala entertainer. @PawanKalyan rocking performance. Huge BB Clear winner. Rating : 4.5/5

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