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"Sardaar Gabbar Singh," which was released in Hindi across North India, has bombed at the box office and director Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) has described Pawan Kalyan's decision to dub it in Hindi as a "Bahubalian mistake."

Pawan Kalyan has decent number of fans in North India and his Telugu movies have fared well in the past. The Power Star, who has jointly produced the film with Sharrath Marar, took a cue from the success of "Baahubali" and dubbed his latest outing "Sardaar Gabbar Singh" in Hindi. He teamed up with Eros International for its massive release in the northern parts of the country.

"Sardaar Gabbar Singh" was reportedly released in 800 screens in the North April 8 and it is estimated to have collected approximately Rs 1 crore nett at the box office in its opening weekend. The movie is likely to incur huge losses to Eros International, which has shelled out Rs. 6 crore on its theatrical rights.

Ram Gopal Varma ‏took to his Twitter handle April 8 to point out Pawan Kalyan's mistake. He tweeted, "SGS Hindi opening is 2% and I predicted 1 month back it is a Bahubalian mistake .PK should open his eyes to bad advisers around him. Bahubali gave a tremendous sky like rise to Tollywood in the eyes of Bollywood and now SGS crashed it back into the underground."

The Hindi version of Hollywood movie "The Jungle Book," which was released April 8, has collected Rs. 40.19 crore nett at the Indian box office in its opening weekend. Pointing at its performance, Ram Gopal Varma tweeted, "If foreign dubbed film is houseful all over and PK's is not its the loyal responsibility of PK fans to wake up Power Star from his sleep."

It should be noted that Ram Gopal Varma ‏had expressed his disappointment over Pawan Kalyan's decision to dub "Sardaar Gabbar Singh" in Hindi. In a series of tweets, he had even advised the Power Star to be careful of wrong advisers around him. Here is his series of comments posted on Twitter March 30.

I wish tremendously well for Pawan kalyan and tremendously unwell for the people around him who are so wrongly projecting SGS in Hindi

The inner wrong advisors in the inner circle of Pawan Kalyan are going to permanently destroy the outer circle of Pawan Kalyan

Pawan kalyan has a fantastic future in the outer circle and his inner circle people are fucking it up ..All his true fans should tweet him

All really true PK fans should inform PK that SGS's outer circle in Hindi is being destroyed by his inner circle

If any of the inner circle of PK have an inch of loyalty towards him they should tell him truth that SGS is not right for Outer circle

The inner circle of PK out of greed,stupidity and ignorance is pushing him into a space where his outer circle will be completely destroyed

All genuine PK fans should tell PK not to do this mistake and all fake PK fans including his inner circle I will talk to them on April 9th

Chiranjeevigaru who said SGS will be Sholay is an extremley inner outer circle

I said about SGS in Hindi as ultimate PK fan ..Will talk to fake fans and outer minded inner circle bad ppl around PK on April 8th