‘Sarainodu’ (Sarrainodu) 17 day box office collection: Allu Arjun starrer crosses Rs 100 crore mark in 3rd weekend. Pictured; SarainoduFacebook

Allu Arjun's "Sarainodu" (Sarrainodu) has collected a total of Rs. 127 crore gross at the worldwide box office in its lifetime. It has become the highest grossing Telugu film of 2016.

"Sarainodu" was released in theatres around the world on April 22 and it received superb opening everywhere. Having made fantastic collection, the movie shattered several records and set its own new benchmark in its opening week. Despite clashing with some big-ticket releases, the film kept the cash registers ringing at the ticket counters across the globe in the following weeks.

The Allu Arjun and Rakul Preet Singh has collected Rs. 47.40 crore and Rs. 49.50 crore in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana (AP/T), respectively. "Sarainodu" has collected Rs. 96.90 crore at the AP/T box office in its lifetime. The movie has earned Rs. 60.80 crore for its distributors, who had shelled out Rs. 40 crore on its theatrical rights. It has fetched them Rs. 20+ crore profit to them.

"Sarainodu" has grossed Rs. 12.75 crore at the Karnataka box office in its lifetime and it has earned Rs. 7.31 crore to the distributors, who have purchased its theatrical rights for a whopping price of Rs. 6 crore. The film has fetched a decent profit share to the distributors. 

The Boyapati Srinu-directed movie was dubbed in Malayalam as "Yodhava" and released in Kerala a month after "Sarainodu" hit screens. "Yodhava" has collected Rs. 7 crore gross at the Kerala box office so far. The Malayalam version has earned Rs. 2.80 crore for its distributors.

Its theatrical rights for other areas in India fetched Rs. 1.20 crore and "Sarainodu" has grossed Rs. 3.60 crore in these area. The film has eared Rs. 1.37 crore for its distributors. 

However, "Sarainodu" has turned to be a disaster in the international markets. The film has collected Rs. 7.35 crore gross at the overseas box office in its lifetime. Classics Entertainment bought its overseas rights for Rs. 6.20 crore and the movie has earned them Rs. 3.72 crore. It has incurred huge losses to its distributors there.

Here is a table detailing the economics of "Sarainodu." These are estimated numbers and they may vary from the actual figures released by the makers and distributors.

Area Distributor Theatrical Rights Total Share
Nizam Geetha Arts Rs. 12 crore (Valuation) Rs. 19.50 crore
Ceeded NV Prasad Rs. 8.10 crore Rs. 10.90 crore
Vizag Kanthi Krishna Rs. 4.90 crore Rs. 8.20 crore
G East Geetha Arts Rs. 9 crore Rs. 5.35 crore
G West Rs. 4.70 crore
Krishna Rs. 4.10 crore
Guntur V Celluloids Rs. 6 crore Rs. 5.60 crore
Nellore Rs. 2.45 crore
AP/T total --- Rs. 40 crore Rs. 60.80 crore
Karnataka KCP & Brunda Rs. 6 crore Rs. 7.31 crore
Kerala NA NA Rs. 2.80 crore
Rest of India Various Rs. 1.20 crore Rs. 1.37 crore
Overseas Classics Rs. 6.20 crore Rs. 3.72 crore
Global Total --- Rs. 53.40 crore Rs. 76 crore