"Sarainodu" (Sarrainodu) has fared well at the worldwide box office in its fifth week and its distributors' share has crossed Rs. 70 crore mark in 32 days. It has become the biggest earner for Allu Arjun.

The Boyapati Srinu-directed action film collected Rs. 108.75 crore at the worldwide box office in four weeks and it earned Rs. 68.36 crore to its distributors in 28 days. Undeterred by "Supreme," "24" and "Pencil," "Sarainodu" continued to keep the cash registers ringing at the box office across the world in its fifth week.

In its fifth week, "Sarainodu" has collected Rs. 5.25 crore at the worldwide box office, taking its 32-day-global total collection to Rs. 114 crore, according to Andhra Box Office. The Allu Arjun and Rakul Preet Singh starrer has added Rs. 1.94 crore to its distributors' share to make it Rs. 70.30 crore.

"Sarainodu" has shattered all the records of Allu Arjun's previous release. It is the first Rs. 100-crore grosser movie for Bunny and it is also the first movie to earn Rs. 70 crore for him. It has also become the first Telugu film to achieve these rare feats in 2016. It has become the highest grosser and biggest earner movie in Tollywood.

"Sarainodu," produced by Allu Aravind, has been made with a whopping budget of Rs. 50 crore and it earned Rs. 53.40 crore from the sale of its theatrical rights. The movie has fetched good profit share to all its distributors across India, but it has incurred huge losses to the overseas distributors, who are yet to recover 40 percent of their investments on the film.

Here is the table detailing the area-wise distributors of "Sarainodu," the price of its theatrical rights and its earnings:

Area Distributor Theatrical Rights Total Share
Nizam Geetha Arts Rs. 12 crore (Valuation) Rs. 18.54 crore
Ceeded NV Prasad Rs. 8.10 crore Rs. 10.56 crore
Vizag Kanthi Krishna Rs. 4.90 crore Rs. 7.86 crore
G East Geetha Arts Rs. 9 crore Rs. 5.06 crore
G West Rs. 4.48 crore
Krishna Rs. 3.91 crore
Guntur V Celluloids Rs. 6 crore Rs. 5.36 crore
Nellore Rs. 2.36 crore
Karnataka KCP & Brunda Rs. 6 crore Rs. 7.26 crore
Rest of India Various Rs. 1.20 crore Rs. 1.37 crore
Overseas Classics Rs. 6.20 crore Rs. 3.72 crore
Global Total --- Rs. 53.40 crore Rs. 70.30 crore