Sarah Hyland in "XOXO"
Sarah Hyland in "XOXO"Netflix

Netflix original films have proved time and again that you don't need to be in a theatre to enjoy a good film, you can be in the comfort of your home and go on a short, beautiful journey with the main characters. Now, joining the list of amazing movies that are just a click away from you is "XOXO."

An ensemble comedy centered on a group of youngsters from different ranges of twenty, "XOXO" is not your quintessential coming of age film. The movie focuses on one night in the lives of these young strangers, whose lives collide on an exciting and romantic night, and no, it's not Valentine's Day.

It is the night of the biggest EDM festival in the United States, XOXO, and Ethan, a young DJ may get his sure shot to fame, thanks to a last-minute invitation to perform. However, the viral online star has to make it there in one piece and it is his frantic journey that becomes the life of "XOXO."

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Sarah Hyland of "Modern Family" fame, Graham Phillips of "The Good Wife" fame and other popular stars like Brett DelBuono, Chris D'Elia, Haley Kiyoko, Colin Woodell, Ryan Hansen, Ian Anthony Dale and Ione Skye will star in "XOXO." The film has been directed by Christopher Louie and written by Dylan Meyer.

"XOXO" will be added to the growing Netflix original movies library on Aug. 26 at 12:01 a.m. (PST). There are quite a few Netlfix originals you check out while waiting for "XOXO" release, including "The Fundamentals of Caring," which will premiere on June 24; "Tallulah" premiering on July 29; and the animated film "The Little Prince," which will be added on Aug. 5.