Sarah Cooper mimics Donald Trump, again
Sarah Cooper mimics Donald Trump,

Comedian Sarah Cooper takes a lighthearted dig at US President Donald Trump's comments and her social media feeds are lit with videos of her impersonating the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces. While the COVID-19 pandemic has strongly entangled the US into its grip, affecting millions and killing thousands, the world is watching closely how the country's elected-leader would tackle this crisis.

But the US President has often made some shocking statements that has startled everyone and Sarah Cooper has found a way to highlight those "questionable" remarks in a hilarious way. Cooper has shared several TikTok videos on her social media platform, where she's seen lip-syncing Trump's comments. But it's not just the lip-syncing that makes it funny, it is the entire setting and expressions that she brings into the act to give it a hilarious spin.

5 times Sarah Cooper nailed Trump impersonation

'How to cognitive'

'How to mask'

'How to more cases than anybody in the world'

'I tested very positively'

'How to moistly'

If you are not following Sarah Cooper's funny videos, you're missing out on some good humor. After all, these tense times call for a break from all the stress caused by reading about COVID-19 victims.