All eyes are on US President Donald Trump as he tackles the coronavirus pandemic, which has hit the country hard and turned out to be the worst affected country by the virus. With more than 1.6 million cases and the number growing exponentially by the day, same for the number of deaths which stands at more than 95,000, there's a lot of pressure on the US for undertaking remedies to slow the spread of COVID-19.

But the US President has made some shocking statements ever since the pandemic started - from suggesting people take unproven hydroxychloroquine regularly to fight of COVID-19 infection and ingesting disinfectant to kill the virus in the body. But in a recent chat with the press before boarding the Marine One, Trump's statement perplexed the reporters.

Donald Trump
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Trump tested 'very positively'

Trump is not new to inventing new words, remember "covfefe" - a misspelt word which was turned into an actual one by the president. Well, that's all in the past now, but the US President's recent statement to the press, which not only leave them puzzled but could have sent markets plummeting.

Responding to a reporter's query on since when he had been taking hydroxychloroquine, Trump said, "And I'm still here, I'm still here. I tested very positively in another sense so— this morning. Yeah. I tested positively toward negative, right. So. I tested perfectly this morning."

You see how this one statement could've sent a shockwave across the nation. But thankfully, Trump clarified before ending the "chopper talk" by saying: "Meaning I tested negative."

Watch the video below:

A funny take on Trump's video

Sarah Cooper mimics Donald Trump, again
Sarah Cooper mimics Donald Trump, again

If you're familiar with TikTok, you'd know how people are engaging with the platform to do lip-syncing on some popular dialogues. It was only a matter of time before Trump's bewildering statements went viral on TikTok and a video of comedian Sarah Cooper enacting Trump in a lip-sync video is too hilarious to miss.

Cooper often shares TikTok video impersonating Trump and her latest one just hit the ball out of the part. Check it out below: