Sara Ali Khan Kareena Kapoor

When Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh's daughter – Sara Ali Khan – decided to make her Bollywood debut, it was a given fact that the diva would be pitted against her step-mother Kareena Kapoor Khan. Speculations and rumours about an alleged catfight, negativity between the two kept making headlines until the two decided to spill the beans.

Once Kareena and Sara opened up to the media about each other, it was evident that the two didn't hold any grudges against each other and were quite amicable and cordial with each other in reality. In one of the interviews, Kareena spoke at length about not being Sara's mother.

"I can only hope and pray for the best for her. I have always said this to Saif, Sara and Ibrahim that I can only be their friend, I can never be their mother because they already have an amazing mother who has brought them up spectacularly. I am meant to be their friend. I love them dearly and whenever I am wanted or my advice needed, I am there for both at any point in their life," the diva told Mumbai Mirror.

It was recently reported that owing to her fan following and fashion quotient, Sara has been made the brand ambassador of a leading German footwear brand. And, what's interesting is that the Kareena Kapoor is the brand ambassador of another footwear brand which is this footwear brands' direct competitor.

Sara, on the other hand, is also quite clear about her equation with Kareena. On Karan Johar's 'Koffee With Karan', she said, "My father also never said 'this is your second mother' or made it any way uncomfortable. I would be like what should I call her – Kareena or Kareena aunty and my father would be like 'you would not want to call her an aunty'."

While Sara has been clear about her personal relationship with Kareena, it would be interesting to see the two battling it out professionally.