Screenshot of Raj Babbar's tweet featuring Sapna Choudhary with Priyanka Gandhi
Screenshot of Raj Babbar's tweet featuring Sapna Choudhary with Priyanka GandhiTwitter

Popular dancer Sapna Choudhary (Chaudhary) has slammed the claims of actor-turned-politician Raj Babbar suggesting that she has joined Congress. Twitterati slammed the party for misusing her name.

It was rumoured that Haryanavi Artist Sapna Choudhary joined the Congress in the presence of Jyotiraditya Scindia on Saturday, March 23. and that she would contest Lok Sabha election from the party in Mathura. Raj Babbar, who is the President of Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee, shared her photo with Priyanka Chopra on his Twitter page and confirmed that she joined the party.

Hours after this announcement, Sapna Choudhary slammed the reports saying that it was an old photo and she had not joined the Congress. ANI tweeted, "#WATCH Haryanavi singer & dancer Sapna Chaudhary says, "I have not joined the Congress party. The photograph with Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is old." #LokSabhaElections2019"

After Sapna Choudhary's denial, some BJP followers took to Twitter to troll the Congress. They condemned the party for misusing her name to score mileage.

Paresh Rawal fan‏ @Babu_Bhaiyaa

Sapna Choudhary said yes to Bigg Boss.. but says no to Congress. It's shocking news for those ppl who think Big Boss is worse thing India ever saw. It's not Bigg boss.. it's Congress.

Chowkidaar Arvind Jain‏ @arvind_barmer

Looks like Shashi Tharoor gave missed call to Sapna Choudhary after her joining. And rest as they say is history.

Manish‏ @123Manikrishna

Great play with the emotions #SapnaChoudhary ... if you joined and than discarded them I can imagine how much fun it would have been.. It's not been able to understand humiliation you have put them through

प्रांजल अग्रवाल @pranjal2018

This was posted by President of Uttar Pradesh Congress committee. Congress party are just using public figures to gain some votes. Shame. 

The news about Sapna Choudhary joining the Congress created a lot of buzz on social media with many people mocking and trolling her.

Palak Tiwari‏ @Palaktiwari1999

Really #SapnaChaudhary how can u join a party which calls terrorists "JI" .A party which questions the indian army.....This was not expected from u .....

Chowkidar Piyush‏ @PiyushSinghk

Sapna Chaudhary joins Congress Now in Rahul's rally, after stand-up comedy, we will be able to watch some dance performances too. #SapnaChaudhary

Ayushi Agarwal‏ @iiiushiii

Shilpa Shinde, Arshi Khan & now #SapnaChoudhary has joined #CONgress I guess they're thinking it's another Bigg boss type reality show. Do something controversial & become famous, Buttering up the bosses (then: Salman, Now: RaGa).

It was said that Sapna Choudhary was a good catch for the Congress, while Gautam Gambhir joined the BJP. Some expressed their anger for equating the dancer with the international cricketer.

Aaryaveer Singh‏ @AaryaveerSingh2

Wah! Kya baat hai, Salute hai aapki bewakoofi pe.. According to your Stupidity Sapna Choudhary is a National level belly dancer and Gautam Gambhir is a School Team 12th Man Cricket player.

Ishita Singh‏ @IshitaSingh03

You must have an absolutely dumb mind to call Sapna Choudhary a master stroke by Congress over Gautam Gambhir joining BJP.. Madam achievements bhi koi cheez hoti hai... Kaise kar lete ho aisa journalism??