Namit Khanna

Model turned actor Namit Khanna rose to fame with the television show 'Yeh Pyaar Nai Toh Kya Hai'. He further garnered love and appreciation for his stint in the popular television show Sanjivani (2020). Apart from that Namit has made his foothold on the webspace as well. But little did you know Namit is not just a prolific actor, he is also an amazing photographer and holds a keen interest in music. Had he not been an actor, he would have certainly been a musician.

One of the most desirable actors in telly town Namit Khanna exclusively spoke with International Business Times and shares how he learned to play the guitar, musical aspirations, his favourite tracks and more.

namit Khanna

Excerpts from the interview:

When did you learn to play the guitar?

Namit Khanna guitar

I started playing the guitar at school. I had some friends in the band and really wanted to be a part of it so I started to learn. And finally got a chance to play the bass guitar for a year in the band. After that, I became the lead guitarist. Initially, I learnt the guitar from a teacher near my house and then went to a professional guitarist for some lessons. Once I learned the basics, it was all about playing and practising with the help of guitar tabs online.

Do you play any other musical instruments? What kind of instruments would you like to learn?

I have tried playing a lot of instruments for fun but couldn't take any of them forward. I would love to play the flute properly or the hang drum if I can get my hands on one.

What are the genres of music that intrigue you?

I love classic rock and that will always be my roots as I have grown up listening to bands like Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Guns n Roses, etc. But over the years I have explored a lot of different genres mainly electronic, house, trip-hop, chill house, classical, etc. Music is the best way to influence one's mood and has been my constant companion.

 Some of your favourite Bollywood classics would be?

Namit Khanna

Aawara Bhavre, Dil se re, Humma humma.

 A song lyric that stuck with you

Ali Gatie- What if I told you that I love you.

What's your current favourite song?

I've been listening to Gustavo Santaolalla a lot for some time now. Especially the motorcycle diaries soundtrack.

If you had to create a band in future, which artist would you like to collaborate with?

Ayushmann and Farhan Akhtar

I would definitely form a band with Ayushmann Khurrana and Farhan Akhtar if I could.