A shocking incident took place today when a Kannada film and television actress committed suicide in Bengaluru on Monday morning. Chandana, who consumed poison on a self-made video, and was rushed to a private hospital.  She mourned by her family and well-wishers.

Chandana took a drastic step by filming a video of self-poisoning and accused her lover Dinesh. Dinesh is currently missing. Chandana was admitted to a private hospital after she consumed poison and died without treatment.


Kannada actress Chandana dies of poisoning after filming her death

A shocking video emerged earlier today of Sandalwood actress drinking poison on camera. Police have arrived at the site of the incident and are investigating the matter. A case has been registered, an investigation and review of the selfie video are underway. A senior official said more details will be available after the FSL report.

Chandana and her lover Dinesh has been in love with each other for the past five years. Dinesh was frequenting Chandana's Bangalore home and Dinesh said he would only get married when the marriage proposal came up. Reportedly, Chandana's family has gone to Dinesh's house to propose marriage. However, Dinesh's mother and father insulted Chandana's character. Chandana had confronted Dinesh about this. On the video, Chandana revealed that Dinesh was unhappy and she couldn't take the rejection, so she had decided to take her life. 

Chandana commiting suicide on video

Five persons including Dinesh his parents, father-in-law and other family members were called to the Saddagunte Palya Police Station and an FIR has been lodged against them for cheating Chandana, thereby becoming a reason for her ending her life. The incident has led to a major loss.