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South Korean electronics major Samsung has finally released an update to fix the alleged security glitch in smartphones running on Exynos processors and the 'Sudden Death' issue on the company's flagship smartphone Galaxy S3.

According to SamMobile, Samsung has rolled out the software update to address a security hole which was found in Samsung devices running on Exynos 4 processors.

The website further said that the Samsung's new firmware will ship with  bootloaders to fix the 'Sudden Death' issue which was reported in some random models of Galaxy S3, but the website has not able to confirm if the issue is resolved or not.

The security glitch in Samsung devices was first reported in mid-December last year. Alephzain, a member of mobile software development community XDA-Developers, had discovered the security in the kernel (/dev/Exynos-mem) of Samsung's in-house built Exynos systems.

The /dev/exynos-mem is used for graphic usage like camera, graphic memory allocation, HDMI and more. This graphic data stored in RAM were at risk of being leaked out by any app in the smartphone.

Few days after the security glitch in Samsung devices was reported, several Galaxy S3 devices were reported to get bricked for no apparent reasons.

Many Galaxy S3 owners had expressed annoyance over the sudden shutdown of the device. Users said that their devices were unresponsive and they were unable to revive the smartphone even when the Galaxy S3 was kept for charging for more than seven hours.

As per reports, Samsung has released the software update only for Galaxy S3 and it is available via Samsung kies as well as OTA (Over-The-Air). Updates for other Samsung devices will be released soon.

SamMobile also claimed that the new update is initially released in UK. Software update release date for other countries is still under wraps.