South Korean electronics major Samsung seems to be in a state of confusion after reports started flooding the Web about the company's flagship smartphone Galaxy S3 becoming bricked for no apparent reasons.

Many tech-related community forums like XDA Developers, Reddit are flooded with angry comments from Galaxy S3 users. People are complaining that their Galaxy S3 shuts down even when the battery is fully charged.

Users said their devices were unresponsive and they are unable to revive the smartphone even when it has been charging for more than seven hours.

TurtleRecall, a member of the tech community Reddit says," There's speculation that the NAND is becoming corrupted and failing. Worryingly, Samsung are replacing the mainboards with the same revision so this may just be putting the problem off for another 6 months or so."

He further said, "It happened to my S3 last week and I've never rooted or installed anything other than the official 3UK Samsung firmware, first ICS then JB. Samsung haven't officially acknowledged that there's an issue, but both the guy I spoke to in the authorised repair centre and the chap in the Samsung warranty call centre have said they've seen this issue a lot lately."

DeadSOL, A member of mobile software development community XDA Developers has this to say, "Okay, here's what just happened to me: I went to sleep in the night with my phone's battery at around 29%. I just woke up and my phone's home button wouldn't respond.

Then, the power button wouldn't respond! I took the battery out and put it back in. It still wouldn't respond! So, I plugged the charger in and then it showed me that it had begun charging.

I turned the phone on and as soon as it reached the lock screen, it turned itself off. It did that twice more so I decided to let it rest. Now, it turns on.

Apparently, 29% of its battery was somehow consumed last night. I really don't know how!!!! My wifi was on,it seems, but around 30% battery drain in just a few hours?!! That's insane! I'm on stock DL4. Not even rooted!

So it's not a "death" case, per se, but I had a really bad scare. "

The South Korean company has not officially acknowledged the issues. But, there are reports that Samsung is silently replacing the handset's main boards which are under the warranty period.

The problem seems to be noticed in only few random handsets considering that the company has sold more than 30 million Galaxy S3 devices since its release in May this year.  

As of now there is no update from Samsung officials for any immediate solution to the Galaxy S3 "Sudden Death" issue, we will come back with more news as soon there is.