Technology and style are termed as opposite sides of the coin, but of late, some products stand to defy that, be it those cool looking headphones to that striking wearable. Samsung joins the league with its Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, which emerges as a formidable contender in the realm of smartwatches. It elegantly combining the timeless charm of a traditional watch with the cutting-edge capabilities of a modern wearable, making it a preferred choice for collectors and tech enthusiasts alike.

Let us unbox and explore the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, as we examine the premium craftsmanship and features it has to offer. The Watch 6 Classic comes in 47mm and 43mm models and Black or Silver shades. Starting at Rs 40,999 for the slightly smaller dial, and Rs 43,999 for the bigger one, Samsung has made it hard to ignore without giving it a second look.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

  1. Display: 1.5-inch Super AMOLED 480x480 resolution
  2. CPU: 1.4GHz dual core chipset
  3. RAM: 2GB
  4. Storage: 16GB (7.1GB available)
  5. Battery: 425mAh
  6. OS: WearOS
  7. Connectivity: 4G, NFC, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4+5GHz, Bluetooth 5.3
  8. Sensors: Accelerometer, Barometer, Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Sensor, Electrical Heart Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, Hall Sensor, Infrared Temperature Sensor, Light Sensor, Optical Heart Rate Sensor
  9. Weight: 59g

Unboxing and first impressions

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic
Samsung Galaxy Watch6 ClassicIBT

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic comes in a well-designed box that showcases the watch's image on the front. Samsung sent us the 47mm version, but if it is too big for your taste and comfort, there's a 43mm model in Classic and if you prefer smaller then Watch6 comes in 40mm size. Plenty of options to go around, which gives buyers the luxury to get their favourite choice without losing out on anything.

As we unbox the watch, the Watch 6 Classic is looking straight at us. Though black is our go-to colour choice for pretty much everything, Samsung's silver shade is something else. In fact, we loved the overall silver touch, which looked elegant and stylish. The black model comes with a polished case to match the band, so that's a choice you have to make.

A few accessories, mainly the charging puck and a quick start guide are concealed well within a separate box.The charger features a USB-C cable with a magnetic attachment point, although it's worth noting that a USB-C wall adapter is not included, which is expected at this point. But surprisingly, the watch doesn't get a spare watch band, which could've helped consumers keep the leather band from wear and tear.

Put that aside, the watch's design itself left us mesmerised. The feel of the Watch6 Classic is anything but classic, it exudes luxury. The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic boasts a slightly weightier feel compared to its predecessor, and it comes with a hybrid band. The band's exterior is made of faux leather, while the inner part, in contact with the skin, features a more rubber-like material. This band exudes a premium feel compared to the standard sport band. It's also important to mention that you can choose your band size, which corresponds to the watch size.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic review
Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic reviewIBT

One noteworthy feature of these bands is the new quick-release mechanism. It allows for easy removal and reattachment of the band, making customization a breeze.

Flipping the watch over reveals the familiar back design that Samsung has used for its watches over the past couple of years. However, the standout feature is the return of the physical rotating bezel, a favorite among Galaxy Watch enthusiasts and we love it. This feature sets the Classic apart, and it is a nice fidgeting tool as well. The feedback it offers is so close to a real timepiece, one that's real expensive.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic review
Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic reviewIBT

In the box, you'll find the watch, the band, and the wireless charger—minimalist packaging that emphasizes the essentials. To charge the watch, simply attach the charger magnetically to the back and connect the other end to a power source, either via a wall adapter or a USB-C power source.

As we turned on the watch, the striking Samsung logo is displayed on the high-quality 1.3-inch SuperAMOLED display. As it starts up, we're greeted with a setup animation that showcases the watch's premium feel compared to the standard Galaxy Watch 6. The display has an immediate appeal.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic review
Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic reviewIBT

The watch comfortably fits on the wrist, but the dial size appeared a tad bigger, leaving some gap near the hinges. This may not be the case for all wearers, but it's better to try it out at a store if you are particular about the dial size and the fit.

Pairing the watch is as seamless as it gets. We did it with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5, and it merely took few minutes to complete the setup. Connecting the watch to the phone requires the Galaxy Wearable app, which is pre-loaded in Samsung phones and auto detection of the watch on your phone gets you started immediately.

Samsung offers various options for customizing your experience, from wearing preferences to display settings. The watch has an always-on display, which is turned on by default, you can easily disable it if desired. To get the most out of the watch, you must download the Samsung Health Monitor app, which will show things like irregular heart rhythm notifications and more.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic review
Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic reviewIBT

But what we really enjoyed is this whole experience is the display and just how bright and beautiful it is. The edge-to-edge display achieved on the Watch6 Classic display is just Samsung flexing its expertise in the field. Swiping or rotating through various screens gives a sense of such premium work at play. At no given time, the display gave us hard time reading. But the circular display doesn't seem ideal for typing as we've found the rectangle one to be. We'll explore all of that and more in the full review.

As we explored various watch faces, we realised there's something for everyone. From funky to sporty and even classic, there's a watch face for every occasion. Stay tuned for a comprehensive review of the watch, where we dive deep into the health tracking features, battery life, ease of use & more.