Galaxy S4
Samsung tweeted an invitation to watch the Galaxy S4 announcement live in Times Square.

The much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 unpacking event is just a few hours away, but that has not stopped the tech world from churning out speculations of the next generation smartphone. The latest tidbit on its features and specifications comes from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

According to the WSJ report, which cited a source close to the matter, the successor of Galaxy S3 will come with 'SwiftKey's predictive technology.'

"Case in point, Samsung Electronics Co. will include SwiftKey's predictive technology in the new Samsung Galaxy S 4, which will be unveiled at an event in New York on Thursday, according to a person familiar with the matter" reported WSJ.

SwiftKey's predictive technology is said to be one of the most popular applications in the Android ecosystem. Over 15 million downloads of the app have been reported.

"Natural language processing-the technology that powers SwiftKey-goes beyond just typing and has applications in other areas, like search. Facebook Inc.'s new search engine Graph Search uses it to understand what, exactly, people are seeking. Facebook also employs linguists that are constantly checking what users are searching for, and making sure Graph Search can account for those results," stated the daily.

Recently leaked images of Galaxy S4 suggested the inclusion of a new keyboard, 4.99-inch 1080x1920 resolution display and 13-megapixel camera. Other details revealed were a 1.8GHz Exynos 5410 processor and 2GB of RAM along with 16GB of internal storage, expandable via microSD support. The images also suggested the that Galaxy S4 will feature Samsung's new Eye tracking software and pen-free SPen feature.