Samsung Galaxy S3
it was found out that the Galaxy S3 didn’t hold out too well to the test and was found to have sustained considerable damage to its Gorilla Glass 2 screenshot

With the whole tech world seemed to be blown away by Samsung's latest third generation device, the Galaxy S3 has certainly enjoyed an overwhelming amount of attention since the early days of speculations until its launch in May this year.

Despite having won several accolades for its futuristic looks and state-of-the-art features, the hottest new Android device seemed to have fallen prey to criticism, and not a positive one at that.

Over a month into its release, the most talked about smartphone was subjected to a series of knee-jerking damage that a majority of the tech population wouldn't dare to contemplate on.

However, the results were definitely on a need to know basis, given the high prevailing competition amongst smatphones in the tech market.

As grievous as it can be, independent warranty provider SquareTrade administered a spate of attacks mostly on the basis of testing the durability of the Galaxy S3. As expected, the aftermath was devastating but did conjure up some startling findings.

In the three-part test, SquareTrade surveyed the damage of the phone dropped from ear-level as well as sliding off a speeding vehicle. They even handed out the devices to a few kids who tossed them into the air and came smashing onto the ground much to their glee.

Along with the Galaxy S3, Apple's latest iPhone 4S was also subjected to the bitter attacks in order to compare the extent of damage between the two phones. Upon investigation, it was found out that the Galaxy S3 didn't hold out too well to the test and was found to have sustained considerable damage especially to its Gorilla Glass 2 screen, that's believed to be quite protective.

The iPhone 4S, on the other hand, did suffer a fair share of damage, mostly cracks on the side of the device, while its back panel seemed to be wrecked. Compared to the Galaxy S3, the iPhone had the least impact.

Android Authority (AA) also performed similar tests on the two phones, dropping them front face-down, from the sides as well as from the back. Upon surveying, the AA team discovered that the iPhone's screen did function despite its cracks caused from the three drops. However, the Galaxy S3 seemed to have lost some functioning midway during the test with its screen to have stopped completely functioning post the front-facing drop, AA said.

While that got you thinking, take a look at the video of SquareTrade performing their mean stunts on these smartphones.

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