Samsung Galaxy S10-series set the benchmark pretty high for flagship smartphones, but for a price. Not too long after, chief rival Huawei changed the playing field where it crushed Samsung with the P30-series launch and left consumers wondering whether buying the Galaxy S10 was the right choice.

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro greatly improved the camera experience like no other smartphone has, and one of the most-talked-about features include incredible zooming capabilities and extraordinary low-light photography. Samsung Galaxy S10 phones do fairly well when compared side-by-side, but they lacked a dedicated night mode – a feature that became the golden standard for comparing phone cameras since Google did its magic in Pixel 2 and Pixel 3-series.

While most phones, including Huawei P30 Pro, Pixel 3 and even Pixel 2 series, offer a dedicated night mode, Samsung Galaxy S10 lacked the setting. That doesn't mean the Samsung phones didn't have the night mode in them, only that it works when the camera deems it necessary.

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Samsung Galaxy S10-series come with Bright Night feature, which is supposed to offer a similar experience as Huawei P30's Night mode and Google's critically-acclaimed Night Sight. Not only the Bright Night feature lacked the precision with which Huawei and Google brightened a night shot. If the latest report is to be believed, Samsung is going to put an end to the criticisms.

Noted mobile tipster, Ice Universe, is suggesting that Samsung is going to roll out a software update to its Galaxy S10 phones in April or May, which could add a dedicated night mode and also update the camera algorithm. This is Samsung's best bet to put up with the challenge presented by Huawei P30 Pro as it cannot improve the hardware post-launch. With the right amount of software tuning, Samsung could get the results users want to see in their Galaxy S10 phones.

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Samsung has updated the biometrics apps on the Galaxy S10 to improve fingerprint unlock speed. The company had promised that the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S10 required users to simply tap and lift the finger to unlock the device, but then reality hit Samsung hard. Through a software update, Samsung seems to have addressed the problem.

There's no concrete evidence that Samsung will improve the camera as said above, but seeing it is taking customer feedback seriously, don't lose hope just yet.