So much has been talked about Samsung's upcoming devices, the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+, and several key information have been leaked over the last few days. Now, a retail representative has shared hands-on experience on reddit ahead of its launch.

The alleged hands-on is not official but it may sound authentic to many, as the descriptions are in sync with previous reports. A Reddit user by the name joelrtaveras has claimed that the upcoming devices were disposed of by a Samsung representative at his/her retail location. 

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ at its "Unpacked 2015" scheduled to take place in New York on 13 August. The company hasn't confirmed the release of the devices but it is almost certain that it will be announced at the event.

In what could disappoint many Samsung fans, both the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ will not have microSD card slot and double click on the home button takes the user to camera, according to joelrtaveras. Adding more salt to the wounds, the base model of the Note 5 has only 32 GB memory. It is difficult to imagine Note devices without expandable memory but several reports have claimed earlier that the upcoming Note 5 will do away with the feature and the removable battery due to introduction of glass back.

"Overall shape of the Note 5 (to me) felt better in hand. The tapered back really "shrunk" the size down once in hand," wrote joelrtaveras, adding that super Amoled display looks great and feels nice in hand. "Comparing it to my iPhone 6+ the Note 5 was slightly thicker, but it was both shorter in height and narrower in width and featured much better weight distribution. (iPhone 6+ feels awkwardly top heavy in comparison)."

Why about automatic-ejectable S-Pen that is expected to see in the Galaxy Note 5?

The reddit user has claimed that the Note 5 has S-Pen that uses "a push to pop mechanism", which gives a clear hint that it works on spring functioning like a microSD card.

The hands-on experience of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 claimed by the retails representative could be questioned by many but it sounds authentic. The narration on the handsets gels well with leaks features.

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