Samsung Galaxy Alpha Gets Snakeskin Leather Treatment; Will It Arrive In India
Samsung Replaces Plastic Back With Snakeskin Leather; There's a Good News and Bad NewsYouTube Screenshot

Samsung's first attempt at metal frame smartphone in Samsung Galaxy Alpha is getting another major upgrade. Samsung has launched four limited edition Galaxy Alpha smartphones in France, featuring snakeskin leather back panels in different colours. The smartphones are available in limited quantities and exclusive to shoppers in France.

The four new models are differentiated from their varying colours. The blue and burgundy colour panels feature an embroidered flower on the lower right and are mainly targeted towards female customers.

The other two colours are brown and grey and make a significant appeal to fashion lovers. Those who wish to get one of the limited edition Galaxy Alpha in France must act fast as there are only 100 units of each version.

Samsung has only altered the exterior design of the Galaxy Alpha in partnership with two fashion brands - Free Lance and JB Rautureau, Sammy Hub reports. 

Internal specifications remain unchanged with a 4.7-inch 720p display, Exynos 5 Octa processor, 12MP rear camera, 2.1MP front snapper, 1,860mAh battery, 32GB storage and LTE support. The smartphone also features fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor, S Health and Ultra Power Saving Mode.

The new Galaxy Alpha models are quite impressive and retails for 649 Euros, 80 euros more than the price of a normal variant. There is no information on the international availability.

In India, Samsung Galaxy Alpha is available in charcoal black, dazzling white and frosted gold and a new silver variant that was launched last month. It would be nice to see the smartphone come to India, but the pricing would make it tough for the smartphone to sell in the emerging markets.

There will be discerning buyers who would actually go for the smartphone that has an extremely good-looking back panel though everything else remains the same.

Watch the video showing Samsung Galaxy Alpha Limited Edition below: