When Galaxy Note 5 was launched in September, the flagship phablet received a quite a remarkable response from tech pundits and fans alike.

But once the device reached the hands of consumers, some complained that there was a glitch in the S-Pen design, where-in if the user accidentally inserts the stylus backwards (with pointy edge up), he/she risked permanently disabling self-ejection mechanism and also the S-Pen detection sensor.

Taking cognizance of the issue, Samsung released a statement urging Galaxy Note 5 owners to be careful while tucking the stylus and they were also advised to read the user-manual on how to insert S-Pen in to the slot.

Now, technology blog Phandroid has claimed that Samsung has discreetly made changes in new models that hit stores recently.

The phablet's S-Pen detection sensor on the chip board now comes with ergonomically designed cap piece where-in it deflects the inverted S-Pen without getting detached, which used to happen in older models.

Though Samsung is guilty of over-looking the S-Pen slot design flaw, the company deserves appreciation for its effort to improve user-experience in its flag-ship devices.

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However, old Samsung Galaxy Note 5 owners who still risk S-Pen getting stuck in the Galaxy Note 5, can check-out this video tutorial [HERE] to get the stylus out without damaging any sensor.