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Google's Android 8.0 Oreo: Top 8 feature upgrades over v7.0 NougatAndroid Official Blog

After releasing the Android Oreo update for Galaxy S8 [REVIEW] series, Samsung is gearing up to expand the roll-out to process for the Galaxy Note8 and former flagship phones in coming weeks.

Samsung Turkey's official software support page has listed the Galaxy Note, S and A devices with ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) details of the software. If things go as planned, the Galaxy Note8 is set to get Google's latest chocolate-milk cookie flavored OS on March 30, followed by Galaxy S7 (& S7 Edge) on April 13 and the 2017-series Galaxy A7 is slated to receive the update on May 25.

Besides the Galaxy Note8 [REVIEW], S7 and A7 (2017), the company is expected to release Android Oreo to 2018-series Galaxy A8 and the A8+, as they hit stores in January earlier this year. Samsung got criticized for launching new products with outdated Android Nougat and is sure to make amends by making the Android Oreo available to the new Galaxy A8 as early as possible.

What's coming in Android Oreo?

Android Oreo brings numerous enhancements over Android Nougat (Big Changes) including faster booting, extended battery life achieved by cutting down on unnecessary activities of apps in the background, more fluid experiences to phones and tablets as well as improvements in security via Google Play Protect, which checks suspicious activities and malware in apps.

Samsung, Galaxy Note8, Android Oreo, release date, ETA
Samsung Galaxy Note8 is expected to get Android Oreo on March 30Samsung Turkey ( screen-shot

It also comes with several new features such as smart text selection, which improves copy and paste. With the help of machine learning to recognize entities on the screen—like a complete address—users will be able to easily select text they want with a double tap, and even bring up an app like Maps to help during navigation.

Samsung, Galaxy S7, Android Oreo, update, release, ETA
Samsung Galaxy S7 to get Android Oreo on April 13Samsung Turkey ( screen-shot

There is also a picture-in-picture feature, which enables device owners to do multi-tasking, like checking the calendar while planning a party on a Duo video call.

Samsung, Galaxy A7 edge, Android Oreo, release date, ETA
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge to get Android Oreo update on April 13.Samsung Turkey ( screen-shot

A praiseworthy aspect of the Android Oreo is the rescue party feature, which helps the device recover from constant boot loops.

Other than the Google Android Oreo features, Samsung is incorporating its own custom features to improve the user-experience of the Galaxy series phone owners, which include new clock styles for both lock screen and always on display, and smart view lets the mobile phone's display turn dark when mirroring the content on large TV screen, thus saving battery draining.

Samsung, Galaxy A7, 2017, Android Oreo, release date, ETA
Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 to get Android Oreo on May 25.Samsung Turkey ( screen-shot

Improved font size, color, and other settings for better Edge panel visibility, quick panel to manage notifications for each app with notification categories (supported apps only) and more.

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