Kannada thriller movie Moksha poster
Kannada thriller movie Moksha posterPR Handout

Ad filmmaker Samarth Naik, who is foraying into the feature film industry, has roped in Hollywood cinematographer Jome Joseph for his debutant directorial venture Moksha, which is a Kannada thriller movie.

Moksha will be a treat for its professional and international standard picturisation as 3 experienced and professional cinematographers have come together to give the film a Midas Touch. One of them is Jome Joseph, who has earlier cranked camera for some big-ticket Hollywood movies. This cinematographers' trio has worked hard to produce the best cinematography and make the movie a magical experience.

Jome Joseph is a cinematographer based in London with several big titles to his credit. Cinematography has always been a passion for him right from his young days. Although he went on to finish his graduate studies in Medicine from Europe, he took to his passion by mastering in cinematography. He is a graduate of Met Film School, London. He holds a Master's degree in cinematography.

Jome Joseph with Moksha team
Jome Joseph with Moksha teamPR Handout

He is currently based in London and has worked for several Hollywood projects and has been a protégé of Santosh Sivan, one of the world's most decorated cinematographers that India has produced so far. Under the tutelage of Santosh Sivan, Jome has already carved a niche for himself in cinematography.

Samarth has seen a lot of Jome Joseph's works. After he finished the script of Moksha he approached him and convinced him to work for his upcoming movie. Talking about him, the director says "With Jome on board, Moksha has already got its celebrity status and this is the best elevation that it deserved."

Moksha on the set stills
Moksha on the set stillsPR Handout

Guru Prashanth Rai is one of the three cameramen, who worked for Moksha. Talking about him, Samath says "He is technically very sound person. He is always creative in his ideas and he is one of the ace cinematographers of Kannada industry. He has earlier worked with big names like Shivaraj Kumar's Mass Leader, Rose and Victory 2. He also has a vast experience in a lot of Ad films and documentaries."

Kiran Hampapura is the third cinematographer of Moksha. Samarth says, "He is an expert in capturing the beauty and best framework on his camera. He is an expert visualizer that makes him different from others. He is also well-known cinematographer of Kannada industry, who has earlier worked on movies like Jatta, Gombegala, Beautiful Manasugalu, upcoming movie Singha and many more.

Kiran Hampapura
Kiran HampapuraPR Handout

Moksha already holds a lot of promising characteristics and will be a treat for all movie buffs. The care to minute details and the professionalism in vital parameters of the movie like cinematography is surely an alluring factor that makes it a 'must-watch movie'. Its teaser and trailer are all set to release in February and they are planning for the movie release in March end.