The doctor, who had made shocking allegations against Samantha, has reportedly lent an apology to the actress while claiming that she is like his granddaughter.


Allegations Based on Social Media Reports
As per a report on Indiaglitz, a doctor named CL Venkat Rao stated that he made irresponsible comments and he made those comments without having first-hand information.

He made those comments based on the reports on social media sites and retracted those remarks against Samantha.

This development comes after Samantha initiated legal action against him and a few YouTube channels which made some shocking allegations against the actress.

The doctor had claimed that she had multiple affairs leading to her divorce.

Court's Reaction to Urgent Hearing of her Case
A few days ago, the Kukatpally court had slammed her over her plea requesting the court to her defamation on an urgent basis. A report on the Times of India quoted was annoyed over her plea and told her legal counsel that it will be heard at the appropriate time.

Samantha's Instagram story
Samantha's Instagram story.

"In court, everyone is equal before the law. There is no sense of some being high and others being low. We will hear Samantha's case as per the procedure," The Times of India quoted the court as saying.

The court said that she has sought an apology from the content owners of the YouTube channels and all the concerned instead of filing a defamation case.

Samantha filed a defamation case against Telugu channel and a few YouTube channels along with a few other individuals.

Reacting to the baseless rumours, Samantha, in a statement, earlier said, "Your emotional investment into a personal crisis has overwhelmed me. Thank you all for showing deep empathy, concern and for defending me against false rumours and stories that are being spread. They say I had affairs, never wanted children, that I am an opportunist, and now that I have had abortions.

A divorce in itself is an extremely painful process. let alone allowing me the time to heal. This attack on me personally has been relentless. Bit I promise you this, I will never allow this or anything else they say, break me. [sic]"