Controversial Sri Reddy never shies away from commeting on trending issues of Telugu cinema. The former TV anchor and actress has now shared her views about Samantha and Naga Chaitanya's separation.

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Sri Reddy's Comments
In an interview, Sri Reddy, who is known for making shocking comments and allegations, has particularly spoken about the rumours of Samantha having an affair with her stylist Preetham Jukalker.

Explaining when Samantha was not having a relationship with her stylist, she said that Jukalker was a gay, so they were not having an affair.

In a video earlier, Sri Reddy had requested the ex-couple not part ways. "We want the two of you to be together. You have to be a very inspiring couple. Many people will be inspired to see you. Anything could have happened. But to be together. This is my request only," she had said.

Akkineni Samantha with her husband Naga Chaitanya Akkineni
Samantha with her husband Naga Chaitanya Akkineni

Clarifying the rumours, Preetham Jukalker had earlier said in an interview that Sam was like his sister. "Everybody knows that I call Samantha as 'Jiji' which is a north Indian term for sister. How can there possibly be a link-up between us? People are commenting how I can say 'I love you' to her. Can't you express love for a sister or a friend? How can people stoop so low and spread such malicious rumours when a woman is already hurting. This is just disgusting and heartbreaking," The Times of India quotes Preetham as saying.

Death Threats
He put out his disappointment over Naga Chaitanya for not giving a statement around the rumours of Jukalker and Samantha's affair. "I've known Chaitanya for years. He too knows the kind of relationship that Samantha and I have. I feel that he could've spoken up and told people not to comment like that about Sam and me. Even if he had issued one statement, it would have made a lot of difference.