Toll booth violence
Vehicles pass through a toll plaza in Gurgaon.Representative image. Reuters file

In yet another example of toll-booth violence, Samajwadi Party legislator Abhay Singh's supporters beat up toll plaza attendants in Uttar Pradesh's Barabanki district on Friday. The incident which took place in broad daylight was captured on camera and witnessed by the MLA from his Scorpio, says one of the attendants.

The police have not filed a formal complaint as yet.

Mr Singh, the legislator from Gosainganj, was on his way to Lucknow, when his car had to stop at the toll plaza in Ahmadpur. One of the cars in his convoy, however, stopped in the wrong lane, following which an argument ensued, reports NDTV.

"They beat up our toll plaza attendant and a guard... we have footage of the entire incident. Our attendant is severely injured," said Kuldeep Singh, a toll booth employee.

According to CCTV footage, a man is seen grabbing one of the toll booth employees while another beats him up with a stick. What made the incident even more shocking was the fact that cars just drove past without stopping while the victim was being assaulted.

The local police have refused to comment on the matter.

Lawlessness by its workers and at times leaders is becoming somewhat of a trademark for the ruling Samajwadi Party and the above-mentioned occurrence is yet another example of that.