Sam Jacobs
Sam JacobsPR Handout

Sam Jacobs, who built a million-dollar E-Commerce business at 18, has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start their very own online businesses. He has generated over Hundreds of thousands in sales online through dropshipping

E-commerce has helped creating wealth for various budding entrepreneurs, due to the immense growth of internet purchases and immeasurable success of Amazon over the past few years. One such noteworthy name in the e-commerce industry is Sam Jacobs, who is a rising star in his industry at the age of 18.

Sam Jacobs says that he learned to take risks from a very young age, and hence today is the founder of two companies in less than two years. Unlike most students, his journey didn't follow the school-college-job route. In fact, there was a time when he contemplated dropping out of college to embark on his entrepreneurial journey.

The teanage entrepreneur says, "Ask yourself why you want success. For me, I wanted to stay away from college. I asked my parents what it would take to allow me to just skip college and pursue the entrepreneurial dream. We mutually agreed on a number and from thereon, I never looked back. One day I realized that I had achieved the target. So that's when I just took off with it."

Sam said he had his own share of challenges throughout his journey. However, with success comes its own share of complications. Once Sam had achieved the number that his parents had set for him, he felt lost all over again. Talking about that confusing juncture in his journey, he says, "Once I had achieved the number, I again felt demotivated. I felt like I had accomplished my goal. So instead of quitting, I created even bigger goals and bigger things to go after."

Sam strongly believes in the art of modeling and recreating. In fact, he has been quoted time and again saying that modeling is the secret to his success. But, it's not the kind of modeling you're thinking about! Modeling is all about taking what works and using that formula. If it works for them, it's going to work for you. He believes modeling has been overlooked by many people and is one of the most powerful keys to success. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, it is always better to use something that is already working.

Sam says that while hard work is important for success, smart work is equally necessary. "In the first six months of my entrepreneurial journey, I was burning the midnight oil every single day, but I saw little to no success. The next month, I invested in two mentors who guided me. Since I was already working hard, the hard work combined with the smart work finally led to success."

Success hasn't come easy to Sam, but he's happy that his journey panned out the way it did. When asked if he would make any changes to his journey, he said he wouldn't have it any other way.