Numerous foods including pizzas are high in sodium content and can be really harmful for you if not consumed in limited quantities.Reuters

Pregnant women, aged people and any one suffering from high blood pressure are often advised to avoid high-sodium diets. Various snacks and other food items we consume on a daily basis have high content of salt in them. High blood pressure can lead to dementia, heart stroke and kidney disease.

Excessive salt intake can also lead to loss of calcium from bones and cause osteoporosis, which makes your bones brittle and prone to fracture. Not many know that excessive salt consumption can also trigger asthma symptoms.

These are some foods you should avoid if you are cutting down on sodium:

Breakfast cereals

Starting your day by eating cereals is undoubtedly a healthy practice, but make sure you check the nutritional statistics on the pack of the cereal to avoid any health problems due to excessive salt consumption.

Ready-made meals:

They might be easily available and quick to serve and eat, but don't forget they are usually processed, contain saturated fats and of course, a lot of salt. Compared to freshly made food at home, ready-made food is unhealthy for you and are best avoided. 


Almost everyone loves soup as it serves as a light snack before the main course. It also helps in curbing hunger pangs at any hour of the day but soups contain high amounts of sodium. Canned soups have even higher amounts of sodium in them so it is best to switch to homemade soups with fresh vegetable.


It is often believed that frozen meat is absolutely natural, but it contains a lot of salt making it very unhealthy. 

Sauces and Dressings:

Make sure that you consume sauces and dressings in small amounts as most of them consist of extremely high amounts of salt.


This tempting fast food, buried under layers of cheese and sauce is definitely not healthy because of the excess fats it has, but this food is high on salt content too. It has high sodium levels and is best avoided by people with high blood pressure.  

Baked goods

If you have a sweet tooth and are crazy about cakes and doughnuts, do take note that they are tremendously sugary, have a lot of preservatives and fats along with a high amount of salt content. They not only trigger diabetes and obesity, but also lead to salt related ailments.