Actress Pooja Dadwal, who worked with superstar Salman Khan in the 1995 film "Veergati", wants the latter to help her financially because she is not well and showing symptoms for the novel coronavirus.

"I have earlier asked for Salman's help and he came to my rescue. He helped me with my treatment in for six to eight months and later he took care of my living in Goa. Today, once again I am in trouble and asking for his help. I don't feel like pleading for help each time from Salman but no one else comes forward to support and help except Salman. I am once again in trouble Salman, please help me," Pooja said in an interaction with, reports

Salman Khan extends help to ailing Pooja Dadwal
Salman Khan extends help to ailing Pooja DadwalVarinder Chawla/Youtube Screenshot

Pooja, who is currently living with her husband in Goa, also shared that she is scared to get a COVID-19 test done.

"I am in a bad shape since the past week. First, I got cough and then fever. Since the past few days, I have high fever the whole day. I think it's because of the change in weather. Don't think I have because I am coughing. I am not going to die soon. I don't have dry cough. This is all because of the weather."

"I am also scared but I don't have the money to get myself tested for COVID-19. Now I can't borrow from someone and get myself treated," she said.

Pooja added: "We were in the secure zone. But now, four positive cases have been detected near my house. For the last few days, I have lost my sense of taste as well. I am eating plain and simple khichdi."