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Salman releasing his film during Eid is a treat to his fans and hence the theatrical rights of his films were sold at a high price.

Distributors are aware that Salman's films, released especially during Eid, will be a hit at the box office and therefore his films fetch record prices all over the country.

The theatrical right of his film "Kick", releasing on 25 July, has been sold for a record price. His last film, "Jai Ho", released in January fetching the highest price, but "Kick" has shattered its record.

At several circuits, the valuation of the film is close to the highest grosser film, "Dhoom 3", starring Aamir Khan released last year, while at some circuits, the price it fetched is better than "Chennai Express", starring Shah Rukh Khan.

Box Office India reports that in Rajasthan circuit, the film earned ₹8.50 crore, while "Dhoom 3" was sold at record price of ₹9.6 crore and "Chennai Express" at ₹7 crore.

In West Bengal, "Kick" fetched in around ₹6.11 crore, slightly higher than ₹ 6.10 crore earned by "Chennai Express". "Dhoom 3" still holds the top spot with ₹6.80 crore.

In Bihar, too, "Dhoom 3" had fetched the highest amount of ₹4.70 crore. "Kick" minted ₹4.21 crore, while "Chennai Express" earned ₹3.6 crore.

In the central Indian states (CP Berar), "Kick" earned ₹7.11 crore, "Dhoom 3" earned ₹8.20 crore and "Chennai Express" ₹6.3 crore.

According to Andhra Box Office, Bahar Enterprises have purchased the theatrical right of "Kick" in Mysore region for record ₹7 crore. It is said to be the highest deal for Bollywood films in the Mysore circuits.

In several other circuits too the film has managed to fetch whopping amounts.

Not only the distribution rights, also is the buzz surrounding Salman's film very strong. The film has already created curiosity among the audience with the release of trailer and songs.