Salman Khan

A former bodyguard of Salman Khan, Anas Qureshi, was arrested in Moradabad for creating a ruckus on the streets. Reports suggest that Anas, who was participating in Moradabad Bodybuilding Championship was upset over not winning the gold medal and expressed his displeasure by going around thrashing people on the streets and breaking vehicles.

Reports suggest that the bodybuilder was on steroids which had made him mentally unstable. Police had to use fishing rods and nets to catch hold of him and bring him under control. Anas has now been transferred to the Bareilly Mental Hospital.

Salman Khan's bodyguards have often made news for all the wrong reasons. Earlier this year, during the promotions of Bharat, Salman Khan's bodyguard was seen pushing a child. An infuriated Salman had then slapped the bodyguard as the child who had fallen down could have been trampled by the swarm of people present at the event, waiting to get a glimpse of the actor.

A Bollywoodlife report had then stated, "What happened was rather unfortunate. Salman Khan has given strict instructions to his team to be extra careful with kids and senior citizens. He makes sure no one behaves badly with them. There was a frenzy and some people got quite uncontrollable. When he saw what happened he got upset. The guard was a part of his team but now he has been removed. His team has strict instructions on how to behave with kids and seniors. This upset him instantly."

On the other hand, ahead of his court hearing in the blackbuck poaching case in Rajasthan, Salman Khan has received death threats from a Facebook profile named Gary Shooter. A photo of Salman Khan with a red cross was posted on Facebook by the account.

"We are trying to ascertain the identity of those behind it. If we get any input, we will neutralise the threat proactively," Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) D Singh told reporters. He further added, "People have alleged that a gang which goes by name "007" is behind it. Whether the threats are given by the members of this gang or not is yet to be ascertained."