Salman Khan
Salman KhanSTR/AFP/Getty Images

Bollywood celebrities enjoy a massive fan following across the globe and when it comes to stars like Salman Khan, the craze is even more immense and at times bizarre. Some fans go to the extent of doing weird things for reasons best known to them. 

In one such incident, a 15-year-old girl on Tuesday tried scaling the walls of Galaxy Apartment in Bandra where Salman resides with his family, PTI reported.

The minor is a resident of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, and had left her home on Sunday, April 1, to meet the superstar, said senior police inspector Pandit Thackeray. The officer said that the girl boarded a train and then headed straight to Salman's residence located at Bandstand in suburban Bandra.

After being stopped by the security guards from entering the premises, she started scaling the wall of the building but was caught again by the guards, who then alerted the Bandra police. 

Last month, in another incident at the Galaxy Apartment, a female fan of Salman barged into his residence armed with industrial iron skewers.

The incident took place when one of the two security guards of the building was on a break and the other was fairly new to the job and was unable to stop the woman. Before he could react, she ran towards the terrace of the building while banging the actor's door on the way. Upon reaching the terrace, she started screaming "Salman is my husband."

To make matter worse, the fangirl armed with skewers, threatened to kill herself. The fire brigade was called to control the situation.