Salman Khan fat shames Dance Deewane contestant Meenal Dhapre
Salman Khan fat shames Dance Deewane contestant Meenal DhapreTwitter

Superstar Salman Khan has yet again found himself in the receiving end of the ire of many after he made fun of a Dance Deewane contestant for her weight.

Salman recently made an appearance in the dance reality show to promote his upcoming movie Race 3. One of the contestants, 42-year-old Meenal Dhapre was at the receiving end of some disturbing comments made by the actor as an apparent joke.

Salman made a number of remarks on her, apparently to create humour that appeared more like fat shaming.

Being a big fan of Madhuri Dixit, who is one of the mentors of the show, the contestant wished to hug her once before her performance. Getting permission from Madhuri, the excited contestant came down running from the stage and this is when Salman jokingly said, "aram aram se, kahin stage na toot jaye (take it easy or else the stage might break)," according to India Today.

If that was not enough, the Sultan actor again made fun of her weight when she said that she belongs to a "chhota sahar" (small town), to which he replied asking how she could fit in a small town.

But Salman was clearly not done fat shaming just then. At one point, an excited Meenal fell before her performance, following which Salman remained standing near the stage for some time. "Main wahan isliye khada tha ki aap kahin fir se tappa khakar gir gayi toh (I was standing there because I thought what if you bounce and fall again)," he later said.

Like the contestant herself, the audience present took Salman's remarks lightly, but many on social media who found the actor insensitive and his remarks, offensive. People started slamming Salman saying that it was cheap on his part to constantly make her feel conscious about her weight.

They opined that body shaming should be criticised even if it is done in jest, and everybody has different sizes and shapes. After all, the more you joke about it, the less offensive you make it seem.

Earlier, Salman was criticised for ignoring a kid's consent, by forcing him to hug Jacqueline Fernandez.

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