In yet another Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan will be seen schooling Rubina and Abhinav for their behaviour towards Rakhi Sawant. He asks Rubina if she is going correct in the show. Salman always supported Rakhi's antics on the show, despite every contestant labelling her as cheap and vulgar. It was only in yesterday's episode that Salman asked Rakhi to respect the thin line between entertainment and vulgarity and told her never to cross it.

Bigg Boss

Here's what happened.

Salman and Jasmin both bash Rubina

In the promo, Salman asks Abhinav, "Tharak is a worse word or gandi aurat." To which the Abhinav replied, "Gandi aurat is worse." Jasmin Bhasin joined Salman in bashing Abhinav and Rubina and says that Abhinav should have stopped Rakhi when she came to him in a blouse and petticoat. She said, "Abhinav aur Rubina, main sahi, main sahi. Dusra ka emotion naatak. Rakhi ayi blouse petticoat mein, tab wahaan line Kyun Nahi draw kari gayi." (Rubina and Abhinav feel they are always right and others are wrong)

When Abhinav tried to say something, Salman Khan asked him to shut and said, "You think you are going very correct in the show?"

Abhinav responds that "Neech and ghatiya" are wrong words. Salman then asks, "Rubina! You think you are going very correct in the show?" He also asked Rubina's sister if it was Rubina's actual personality, to which she replied, "Inka nazariya samajhte aap, wo utne bure bhi nahi hai (You do not understand her point of view, she is not that bad)."

Salman says, "Wo galat ja rahi hain, aur bahut time se galat jaa rahi hain (She is going wrong on the show, she has been going wrong for quite some time now)."

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Hearing all this Rakhi Sawant breaks down.

Rubina breaks down while talking about her past

In another promo, Rubina Dilaik will be seen breaking down and opening up to Salman Khan.

Rubina shared that eight years ago, she didn't share a cordial relationship with her parents. She had anger management issues and also suicidal tendency.

Rubina is then heard in the promo saying, "8 saal pehle mai exactly aisi hi thi. Khud mom-dad ke saath relationships were not that great. I had temper issues, I had suicidal tendencies, relationship tutne ka bhi yahi reason tha (I was exactly like this, eight years ago. I had temper issues and suicidal tendencies. Even my strained relationship is a result of this)."

Her sister then says, "Sir wo emotionally weak ho gaye hain. Mujhe ye mehsoos hota hai ki ghar pe unko kisi ne pyar nahi diya hai. (She is emotionally weak. I feel no one gave her enough love at home)."

Fans support Rubina

Fans of the reality show Bigg Boss 14 are upset with show host Salman Khan. Many among them have claimed that he did not even watch the episodes, before taking Rubina Dilaik to the task.

When Abhinav Shukla overheard Rakhi calling him a pervert, he intervened and told her she is a dirty and cheap woman. His wife and co-contestant Rubina also got into the fight and threw water on Rakhi when things escalated. Salman took both Rakhi and Rubina to task on Saturday's episode for their actions during the fight. He even asked Rakhi to leave the show if she could not respect her own limits.

After a video showing one of Rubina's sister urging fans for their support, the TV star's followers also flooded Twitter with their supportive posts and made "Stop Harassing Rubina" among the top trends on Indian Twitter Sunday morning.

Rubina's sister thanked fans for their support to Rubina and urged them to continue their support. She also urged them to participate in the Twitter trend for Rubina.

Another user wrote, "SalmanKhanshould watch only what is telecasted every day@bigboss14 to make his opinion on #weekendkavaar . Such a good host is perceived biased only because the creative feed to him must be different from viewers(sic)".

"When Salman was introducing Disha to everyone he said 'Aly is playing nice and that's rubina she is doing good too' but he didn't said anything about Rahul and stage pe aake palat geya.. So it's clear ki vo makers ki script pad Raha tha #RubinaDilaik STOP HARASSING RUBINA," wrote one.

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 Fans are also trending #DeservingWinnerRubina.