The nation wants to know when will Salman Khan get married. Salman's and marriage are two sides of the same coin. Salman's marriage has often been talking of the town. One of the most eligible bachelors of Bollywood is single, hot AF, and ladies swoon by his persona. The eternal Bhai of Bollywood deep down in his heart he still aspires to get hitched.

As Salman Khan is busy hosting Bigg Boss 14, couldn't keep his curiosity at bay and asked the astrologer whether he still has marriage 'yog' or not.

Here's what exactly happened.

On Saturday, at the grand premiere of Bigg Boss 14. Along with the arrival and introduction of contestants, the makers had featured astrologer Pandit Janardhan. Panditji was asked to comment on the future of contestant Nikki Tamboli. He said that she looks very innocent and cute, but in reality, she is very, very clever.

Salman Khan marriage

Salman asks the astrologer about his marriage.

While Panditji was predicting contestant Nikki's future in the show, Salman chipped in to ask if he will ever get married. The astrologer said there is no such possibility right now.

Salman reminded Panditji that he had predicted the possibility of his marriage six years ago, but that never happened. "Aage Aisa koi yog Nahi ban Raha na? (No such possibility is there in future?)." The astrologer told him, "No, not at all." Salman burst out laughing, and rejoiced as he said, "Arre waah, shaadi ke chance khatam (Wow, all chances of marriage are over now)."

This is indeed heartbreaking for all his fans but not for Salman as he is happy with the status of 'being single'.

Salman Khan on the stage tonight

Blessing in BB 14 house

This year 2020 has a roller coaster ride, the makers have roped in astrologers to predict and bless the contestants and the house. Panditji blessed the contestants and talked about the characteristic that will help them play the game.

Radhe Maa blessed the BB 14 house before the arrival of the contestants

Before the arrival of the contestant's self-proclaimed god woman, Radhe Maa took a walkthrough of the house and blessed every corner. Radhe Maa was truly mesmerised seeing the grand interiors. She was also seen in Monday night's episode interacting with contestants of BB 14.