Salim Khan is one of the country's most valued treasures. Bollywood would forever remain indebted to scriptwriter Salim Khan's immense contribution in changing the face of Indian cinema back in the 70s and the 80s. And with such brilliant writing came immense good lucks, magnanimous success, and complicated married life.

Helen, Salim Khan, Salma  Khan, Salman Khan
Helen, Salim Khan, Salma Khan, Salman Khan

How the family reacted

Salim Khan and family might have a strong, genuine bond with one another now. But, there was a time when Salim Khan's decision to get married to Helen, when he was already married to Sushila, left everyone perplexed. Salim Khan met his first wife Sushila Charak when his career had not even taken off. The couple was blessed with four children – Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan and Alvira Khan.

As Salim Khan mounted the charts of success and got busy carving a new niche for the industry, the distance between him and Sushila grew. Work brought Helen and Salim Khan closer and soon, cupid struck. However, Helen had revealed in an interview that she felt guilty over everything that happened. "The fact that Salim was a married man did disturb me and I did felt guilty in the beginning. Something about Salim set him apart from rest of the industry men. I respected him tremendously as he tried to help me out without trying to exploit me," Helen had said in an old interview.

Salman Khan
Pictured: Salman Khan, his mother Sushila Charak and his father Salim KhanIANS

Salman Khan left disturbed

On the other hand, Salman Khan was left heartbroken to see his mother so vulnerable and disturbed. "My mom's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I can't say why, I don't think explanations are needed. We get along very well because basically, I'm a mama's boy. I can't bear to see her unhappy. She was very hurt when my father married again, I'd hate it when she'd wait up for him to come home," Salman Khan had said in an interview to Filmfare.

However, Salim Khan assured his first family that he was still there for them and loved all of them as earlier. With time, the family became like a tight fist and are now, one of the most popular filmy families.