Meera Mitun and Sakshi Agarwal
Meera Mitun and Sakshi Agarwal.PR Handout

Meera Mitun has spoken about a hotly-debated incident involving Kavin and Sakshi Aggarwal, who were housemates in Bigg Boss Tamil 3. 

In an interview, Meera Mitun has spoken in length about an incident which was solved only after Kamal Haasan played 'kurum padam' (short video). The actress has stated that she did not seek Sakshi's help and had no intention of creating an issue after Kavin personally apologised to her.

"But Sakshi told me that such situations should not arise for other contestants and asked me to bring the issue to everyone's notice," she said.

Meera Mitun revealed that Sandy asked her the reason for taking the issue further although Sakshi was her friend. "I told him that Sakshi asked me to address the issue for which he told me that they all thought that I cunningly created the problem out of anger. So, I asked Sakshi to clarify that it was she who initiated me to raise the issue, but she denied it," she added.

The actress claimed that Sakshi used her plight to her advantage. "I don't think she (Sakshi) was trying to help me. Before my incident, she had an issue with Kavin. She was furious against him and when I took my problem she used me like a pawn to target him," she said. 

Meera Mitun further added that Sakshi manipulated the story. The 8 Thottakkal actress concluded the interview by saying that Sakshi and other women wanted to create problems between her, Sandy, Sarvanan and others.

However, the surprising part of the story is that Meera Mitun did not talk at all about Sakshi's manipulation inside the house. Reacting to it, she said, "As I did not want to create further troubles at that time, I did not say how she tried to exploit my situation for her benefit."

What is the issue all about?
A comment made by Kavin had hurt Sakshi and they had sorted out the issue together. Upon hearing about the incident, Sakshi had instigated Meera to address the issue in front of all the members.

Meera brought up the issue before the inmates, but Kavin was hurt as he had already apologised. The issue was debated among the inmates enitre week and Kamal Haasan finally clarified by playing a video of their conversation.