Malayalam actress Sajith Madathil starrer "Nilam" sheds light on the need for more public toilets for women.

The lack of proper public toilets affects working women and students the most. Some toilets are even unsafe for women.

Written and directed by Vineeth Chakyar, the four-minute-long short film has received positive response from the viewers for highlighting the issue in a simple manner.

"Nilam is a low-budget film that has been made for a competition organised by the Kerala government, but it should reach more people...We heard the experiences of so many female friends, and still we are getting a lot of comments," the director said on his Facebook page.

While Sreeraj Raveendran has handled the cinematography, editing, sound design and original score has been done by Sruthi Lakshmi. Jinoy Janardhanan and Rohith Raj are the assistant directors of the short film.

Watch the short film "Nilam" below: