While many celebs are enjoying this lockdown period as a respite from their extremely hectic schedules, Saif Ali Khan, isn't that much. Reason? Well, his mother Sharmila Tagore and her statements towards this lockdown have been giving the Nawab of Pataudi some brooding, sleepless nights.

Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Taimur Ali Khan are in Mumbai while his mother, Sharmila Tagore is stuck in their Delhi house. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Saif revealed that it is the statements of his mother which are disturbing for him. "I do worry about my mother, but she is suddenly sounding extremely wise, saying she has had a full life and has no regrets. It's scary, listening to such stuff," he said.

Bollywood actors Saif-Kareena and yerteryears' Sharmila Tagore
Bollywood actors Saif-Kareena and yerteryears' Sharmila Tagore

Saif also added that his mother and sister Saba feel that he might have seen this coming but kept the news hidden from them. Elaborating on it, Khan said, "She believes we knew about this happening well in advance and kept the news from her. I'm also not getting to see my other sister (Soha) these days, but we call each other often. It's like a long voyage on a 19th century ship. You can see the land from afar, but you are separated from it by an expanse of water. But it's important to know how to spend time at sea and adapt to the changes in lifestyle that comes from being shut in because even sailors suffer from cabin fever."

Saif's routine

Saif Ali Khan has planned out a routine for himself which he tries to stick to as much as possible. He said he wakes up early and works-out on his home treadmill. He added that sometimes he gets some yoga tips and exercises from Kareena. He then helps Taimur learn a bit of gardening. In the second half of the day, Saif keeps himself busy with some reading and takes a shower before dinner and changes his clothes. They also catch up with friends and family over a glass of wine and some video calling. He also added that the most excited one amid all this is his son, Taimur, who gets to have both his parents, all around him, throughout the day.