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Popular southern actress Sai Pallavi has shared on social media a photo of her meditating. Her beautiful look has struck a chord with her followers and gone viral with thousands of likes and comments.

Sai Pallavi started her career with uncredited roles in Kasthuri Maan (2005) and Dhaam Dhoom (2008). She made her debut as a heroine in 2015's Malayalam movie Premam, which gave her the much-needed attention and break in the industry. She has starred in nine movies in 10 years and most of them are big hits at the box office. She has two projects - Virata Parvam 1992 and Love story - in her kitty.

Although she is one of the most popular actresses down south, Sai Pallavi stands apart from the rest because of her way of working. She is very choosy and does not accept all the projects that come her way. She has rejected several projects and this attitude has irked some filmmakers who have expressed their anger against her on some occasion.

But Sai Pallavi has a huge fanbase for herself with her cute girl-next-door looks and acting style. She has 1.5 million followers on Twitter, 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 1.16 million fans on Facebook. She uses these social media channels for wishing her colleagues on their birthdays or give updates about her projects. However, she is not very active as she rarely responds or interacts with her fans.

Sai Pallavi meditating
Sai Pallavi meditatingTwitter

However, Sai Pallavi took all her fans by surprise by tweeting a picture which features her meditating in a garden. She captioned it with "AtmAnaM viddhi ♥️." Her post received 22,300 likes 1,200 retweets and around 300 comments on Twitter within 16 hours. The pic received similar response on Facebook and Instagram. It is now creating a lot of buzz on social media.

Here is how some people reacted to Sai Pallavi's latest picture

Vinodji @AdvVinodji

One humble suggestion ma'am.Please avoid crossed legs while meditating, praying and while practising anything related to energy. Please be in bare feet in a position contacting earth, placing it in some distance. Otherwise  free movement of prana/energy will be blocked. Thank u.

Dr. Rajendra Shinde @veerite

You didn't respond to any of my tweets but I still admire you for your acting and most importantly your progressive bent of mind. Act in Hindi and Marathi, I am sharing this tweet with great Marathi Stage, movie actor director @prasadoak17, प्रसाद या talented अभिनेत्रीला घ्या pl


Nothing is impressive than a post from @Sai_Pallavi92 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️   


Love you so much sai pallavi   Ur biggest fan forever darling  plzz say hi to me @Sai_Pallavi92 Waiting for your reply

Manish Gupta @ManishGupta7602

Do u know mam you are one that I like all over the film industry. I like your attitude mam.


What a calm posture....yet you look so beautiful...


Pallavi girl what happened you. Princess looking very peaceful