Vladimir Putin.Reuters file

Hindu right-wing leader Sadhvi Prachi is sure to go down in history. It takes a lot to hoodwink the media and that's what she ended up doing, be it inadvertently. The incident took place soon after she took on the three Khans of the Indian film industry - Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir.

Apparently she had a problem with the culture of violence which was spread by their movies and was torn apart by the fact that the Indian youth lionised them. Perhaps that was the reason she called for the "tearing" of posters of films in which they acted.

However, what followed next really takes the cake. A spoof: Putin is a Hindu, which was doing the rounds of internet, was picked up by the online version of Pakistani newspaper The Nation. It was actually run as a true story by them.

Of course there is no justification for someone in the news industry not being able to tell a parody from an actual report, but the credit would have to go to Ms Prachi in this instance for making the impossible possible. Such is the reputation she has developed that any kind of gibberish can go in her name.

The article goes on say that Russian President Vladimir Putin's original name is Vaarahmihir Putr Singh. Twitter of course was flooded by reactions following the 'revelation' of Putin's 'religion' and 'original name'.

Here are some of them: