Himanshi and Asim

Bigg Boss is one such reality show wherein you either find love forever or merely get into a relationship for the game. Of late, we have seen couples falling in and out of love during their stint in the controversial game show Bigg Boss.

Remember, Himanshi Khurana and Asim Riaz fell in love during the show Bigg Boss Season 13. The couple was always at loggerheads with Shehnaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla. Sid and Asim would indulge in massive physical altercations.

Asim and Himanshi

All you need to know about Asim and Himanshi's love story

Asim was the runner-up of Bigg Boss as Sidharth took home the trophy.

Himanshi and Asim's love story brewed inside the house despite Himanshi being already engaged to someone. However, when Asim expressed his feelings for her, she broke up with her fiancé and started dating him.

The duo dated for over 3 years. There were reports of them getting married. They even did several music videos together like Pinjra, Kalla Sonha Hai, and more.

After dating for years, the couple have mutually decided to end their relationship; leaving fans in shock.

Himanshi shares a note citing her break-up with Asim

Himanshi took to social media and announced her break-up with Asim. Sharing a note on Twitter, now X, and she wrote, "YES We are not together anymore, All the time we have spent together has been great but our togetherness comes to an end Now. The journey of our relationship was great and we are moving forward in our lives. With due respect to our respective religions, we are sacrificing our love for our different religious beliefs. We have nothing against each other. We request you to respect our privacy... Himanshi.

In another note on Instagram, she shared a quote that read

Himanshi and Asim

Fans of Asim slammed Himanshi for citing 'religious differences' for the break-up

A user wrote, "Hey Himanshi, maybe instead of blaming religion, you should just admit that you couldn't handle the greatness that is Asim Riaz. Don't use excuses for sympathy. The real fans see through it."


Another mentioned, "When you enter into a relationship did not both of you think about this or it was like you guys were doing for Camera & Action Celebs like you who make a mockery of relationships in front of everyone and then ask to respect privacy Grow up lady..."

The third user wrote, "You should have left your post the way it was. Bringing Religion to blame the relationship is disgusting. When you fell for him your religion was the same. Do better Himanshi. Do better..."


The fourth one wrote, "After four years you realised that you both belong to different religions.?

The fifth user said, "Not surprising, anyways good luck with your future."

Himanshi and Asim's social media break-up

According to reports, both Asim and Himanshi had stopped following each other on social media back then. The couple didn't industry in PDA but their mushy pictures always made way on social media. The duo has also deleted their snaps from the platform.

Asim and Himanshi were last seen together in the music video titled Khayal Rakhya Kar, which was much loved by the audience.

Asim's reaction

Meanwhile, Asim hasn't shared anything on his social media nor reacted to Himanshi's tweet.