Marc Anwar
Pakistan-born actor Marc Anwar now wants White House to declare India a terrorist state.Twitter

Pakistan-born actor Marc Anwar, who was sacked from Coronation Street show for posting racially offensive tweets against India, has sparked off more controversy asking his followers to sign a petition declaring "India a terrorist state."

Anwar, who played the role of Sharif Nazir on one of Britain's most popular shows, took to Twitter to asks his followers to sign a petition calling on the White House to declare India a terrorist state, according to UK media reports.

"White House : Declare India a terrorist state – Sign the Petition!"Aanwar tweeted. The petition accuses India of using pellets to silence the protesters in Jammu and Kashmir. The petition further read that India has been oppressing the Kashmiris since Independence.

"India has also been suppressing the voices of Sikhs who are demanding a separate state 'Khalistan. India also opens indiscriminate fire every second day on line of control (LoC) between Pakistan and India resulting in deaths of the nearby villagers. We request the White House to declare India a terrorist state and stop all the atrocities on the human kind," the petition reads.

Last week, Anwar in a Twitter rant called India "b******s and p*ss-drinking c**ts." "Why the f*** do Pakistani artists want to work in f***face India? Do you love money so much?" he further tweeted.

Following his rant, television channel ITV sacked the actor from Coronation Street. The channel said that he will not be returning to the show with immediate effect. The channel in an official statement said that Anwar's racially offensive tweets are unacceptable.

"We are deeply shocked by the entirely unacceptable, racially offensive comments made on Twitter by Marc Anwar. We have talked to Marc and, as a consequence of his comments, he will not be returning to Coronation Street with immediate effect," the statement read.